Youth: What to wear mid-season?

Viviane Freitas

  • 2
  • Apr
  • 2015

Youth : What to wear mid-season?

  • 2
  • Apr
  • 2015

Hello friends!

Finally spring has arrived here in Europe, and autumn with its delights in the Southern Hemisphere. This leaves us between seasons; it’s time to wear lighter clothes, but still wear enough so that we protect ourselves from the chilly weather.

Here in Lisbon it’s like that: I leave the house and it’s sunny and good weather, but in the afternoon it gets chilly and since I do not like to carry a coat, I get cold…!!

So what should I wear this mid-season?

Here are some looks to inspire you…

A vest:
This is the time to use and abuse them.


Enjoy them and wear ones with flower stamps in honor of spring.



“Sweat shirts”:
Today a more sophisticated one can be used when going out.


“Neither more nor less”:
A season to be beautiful and elegant.


Kisses girls.

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  1. I’m jus in love with evrything especial yellow its not my colour bt I think I can try that! Thanx for the tips

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