Youth: Music

Viviane Freitas

  • 2
  • Apr
  • 2015

Youth : Music

  • 2
  • Apr
  • 2015

Since I can remember, I have always liked listening to music. As a child I would listen to cheerful music. I loved the melody, the words, and dancing to the rhythm…

Over time my taste began to change and instead of that cheerful and innocent childlike music, I started preferring more depressing and romantic music, especially when I remembered the boy I liked in school.

Shortly after that I started to like another type of music: the “heavy” kind with depressing lyrics, the ones that spoke of anguish, heartbreak, betrayal and anger … I could identify myself with that kind of music and there were times I heard the same music sunrise to sundown. Since this music portrayed my mood and conveyed what I could not express it also became my refuge in which I wallowed in my pain. I didn’t want to think of a solution, nor put any effort into getting out of that state of anguish and depression. I just wanted to remain numb with those feelings. I lived in my own little world, in which only the singer and I knew what I was going through and that is why I identified myself with that type of music so much.

But when I discovered intelligent faith, I began to THINK. Intelligent and supernatural faith forces us to THINK.

When we don’t think, we are easily and extremely influenced, we believe anything that is said to us.

Stop and THINK about whether what we hear is true or not:

– Someone at school told you that you were ugly, which led you to start thinking that it was true.
But who has the power to decide what is beautiful or ugly?

– Someone told you that you can draw and suddenly your dream career became arts, fashion design, architecture, etc.
Why does a hobby have to be a career? A hobby is something we do to distract ourselves; do you really want your distraction to be your job?

– A song said that when we feel an attraction to a boy (an exchange of look, a “silly” gesture) then it is love at first sight and we are meant to stay with him. We think about that scene from a movie and dive into a super romantic relationship and believe “we are destined for the sky” … !!

But what that song doesn’t mention is that in that relationship that boy is immature and that girl is emotional. It also doesn’t mention how the two have yet to mature in order to have a good relationship in the future and it also doesn’t explain about the sacrifices one must make for the other!

– On TV we hear that it is beautiful to show your body because “whatever is good has to be seen.” But didn’t this expression begin as a marketing strategy to sell products? My body is a product that has to be marketed for acquisition? !! Where is my value in that?

Sadly, many youths have been too lazy to think and because of that, they never feel satisfied, they live looking for “someone” or something to identify themselves with. They don’t seek their own value, and they don’t stop to think about what is real.

Living by faith is to live according to a thought, a belief. How many ideas and traditions are practiced without even thinking about where it comes from or what the purpose of that is?

Think about that and share some examples of this in your comments…

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  1. when it comes to music, i identified with you until i began to invest myself into the things of God. since then i do not identify with the music that i used to love so much.

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  2. it’s true and when i have had sad moments in my life i tend to wallow myself and surround in a sad environment which i used to think is a way of being calm but its true. It only makes me more depressed over the issue. I will delete all sad music in my phone and crash all sad movies that i had kept for my sad moments and seek God to pull me through.
    God bless you.

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