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    1. Hi there,

      Whether you’re a believer in psychic ability, or a plain old sceptic, it’s fair to say there are
      fraudsters out there who’d have you believe they had psychic ability when they really don’t.
      Is it really fair they’re allowed to prey on vulnerable people who are perhaps, at a crossroads
      in their life and in need of support?

      How do you know whether a psychic is fake or not?

      I’m a writer with an interest in all things spiritual and take a keen interest in both sides of the
      arguments for and against psychics. I’ve recently been researching a piece on spotting fake
      psychics and through this, I discovered RESOURCE. I wondered if your site visitors
      would like to read an article based around my ideas? Anything I do write for you would come
      to you free of charge and tailored to your existing content, fully referenced for accuracy.

      Would there be any chance at all you’d be open to an article from me?

      Be great to hear back from you.

      Sincere regards

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    2. Hi there, My name is Cindy and I work as a freelance writer and often work with brands looking to promote their content on sites like vivianefreitas. I just wanted to quickly connect and see what your policies were for brand collaboration.Most often the brands I work with are looking to work with influencers and sites that will allow me to work on some contributed content on a mutually agreed topic. If that kind of collaboration is of interest please do let me know and I’ll send over some more information about how we can work together. If not don’t worry, you aren’t on a list and I won’t be in touch again. Cheers, Cindy

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    3. I’m preparing to go to Heaven

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    4. Ready to learn and departure to educate.

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    5. I need a prayer for my son he is going out of God’s will. Thanks

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