My name is Viviane Freitas, I was born in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil with a cleft lip and cleft palate, which caused me a lot of traumas and insecurities in my childhood and teenage years.  I grew up in a home full of warmth and love, my father and mother were united and had a great relationship and that reflected in our family, we had all the tenderness a mother could give but that didn’t impede me from discovering the real world and it was not as wonderful as I thought.

I started living a tormented life at a very young age. When I was at home, I was happy, but when I went to school, I had to face the cruel world, I was sad, bitter and oppressed; I was treated differently, attacked by all kinds of cruel words which caused me a lot of internal conflicts and it became evident in my behavior.

After marriage I started doing the Work of God besides my husband, Julius Freitas, and for many years we went through a lot of adaptations in our marriage and these experiences made us mature but marked my life and taught me great lessons and I had to learn to overcome my external and internal conflicts; by confronting myself.

And that is the main reason I decided to do this Blog, because I wanted to share with all the followers my personal life experiences, and especially how I overcame.

Here on my blog you will learn in more details each of these stories. I’m sure you’ll identify yourself and even be surprised by my background. The courage to open my diary to you. Dear followers, this is to show you that as you mighthave, I also had my conflicts and insecurities, but I learned how to use my intelligent faith, and I discovered my rights. I’ve become an original, strong woman with my own personality, that’s exactly what I want you to learn. Apart from that, I will always share audios messages to help you learn how to use an intelligent faith and grow in your spiritual life.

Feel free to browse the entire blog and share with me your comments, what hashelped you etc.

See you in the next post. In faith!

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  3. Is it true that you and your sisters were not sent to college because your dad feared that you will override your husbands as you will be educated ?

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