Youth: Everything is possible… except for me!

Silvia Alvarenga

  • 23
  • Apr
  • 2015

Youth : Everything is possible… except for me!

  • 23
  • Apr
  • 2015

“(…) Jesus said to him, “If you can believe, all things are possible to him who believes.” (Mark 9: 23)

There once was a time where a man went to Jesus and asked Him if He could do anything to help him, and if He could, and he asked Him to do so. And the answer Jesus replies gives much food for thought:

“If you can believe, all things are possible to him who believes.”

Everything is everything! There is no impossible problem; there doesn’t exist limitations, or excuses, not even human nature can restrain it…ANYTHING is possible… but with one condition: “IF you can believe”. And that is exactly the point where many youths lose a marvelous opportunity to live a life that is unlimited and complete, without boundaries.

What does it mean “to believe”?

According to the dictionary of the English language, to believe means: TO ACCEPT OR REGARD SOMETHING AS TRUE
I can say from personal experience that is difficult to accept, but to have something as the truth, that is a whole other story! To assume something that we don’t see as concrete is a challenge!

What is the difference?

When I began to give my all to God, I began to see how different I was from a woman of God.
I liked things that came from the world, I had pleasure in things that were wrong, reading the Bible was bothersome to me, participating in the service was too much for me, I lived telling lies…
But even though I did all the that… deep, deep inside, I wanted to be a woman of God; I wanted to receive the Holy Spirit. But how was it possible?

I wanted, I desired and I believed that one day I would be a woman of God, but when?!
I went and asked that very same question to an assistant… and his only response:
“Whenever you want to.”
These words liberated me.

That’s how it works? Whenever I want? I want it now!
I want to be a woman of God now!
What are the attitudes of a woman of God? What are God’s thoughts? What pleases God, what doesn’t? I began to investigate and eliminate everything that doesn’t please God and began to act accordingly.

In the beginning it wasn’t easy, it was very frustrating knowing that I was fighting for something more but my “me” was pushing me to what was wrong. I had to be RADICAL!

And in the moment that I wanted an answer, I couldn’t delay any further. I assumed that word as true and what was impossible for me to change, happened!

It is difficult to explain what is faith. Faith is a revelation from God! For those who have it, EVERYTHING is possible!

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4 comentários

  1. Thank you for the massege Ms Silvia.Its true and plain.We only need to believe. I really believe that my life is under God’s control it will not end up in shame.In every situation that i go through whether in tough or whatever seems like i just believe onething “i will never end up in shame i will glorify my God with my God.”Thats whats strengthen me day by day.Amen!

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  2. Jesus said “everything ” is possible for those who believe ..EVERYTHING just believe

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  3. I had this problem for long I saw people around me believing things could change. I have only started daily gradually believing in my self I can be a Woman of God so for a while it has been a battle but because I want to get there I am learning todecide to put my emotions aside and i am putting my self in the equation of good things.

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  4. Thank you ms. Sílvia for your strong message. This is something to think about. Do we use our faith, do we really believe everything is possible? If everything is possible to the person who really believes, then we also must act on that and not to forget us our intelligent faith.

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