Audio: Intelligent and Transparent Prayer

Viviane Freitas

  • 24
  • Apr
  • 2015

Audio : Intelligent and Transparent Prayer

  • 24
  • Apr
  • 2015

Hello to all cybernauts!

Once again, it is a pleasure to be with you and I hope that you are exercising the faith that we have been transmitting through these audio clips.

Last Friday, we approached the theme of intelligent prayer and today we will be continuing the same subject.

Why? Because prayer reveals much about your communication with God. As you know, it cannot be directed just for gain, and if that is the sole reason, then my relationship with God won’t have any quality.

I should pray and communicate with God everything that is happening inside of me; I have to express even the things that embarrass me, that are dirty, even the things that seem pointless to tell Him.

I observed what God revealed to me while I was working in one of the services in the church. He showed me that many people don’t speak to Him and don’t receive the Holy Spirit because they’re waiting for God to do everything! However, for the Holy Spirit to come into my life and change me, I have to give all that is within me.

My fellow cybernaut friend, I don’t know how you are like. I don’t know if you’re the type of person that your mother, your father, your sister, your friends are close to you, but deep down, you are not close to them. How? Because you don’t say what’s really going on inside of you! Maybe there has been a time where you went to speak or tried to speak, but you were “stoned”, your words were misinterpreted or they understood wrong, or they became frustrated with the situation. And because of that, you learned to keep it, in better terms, that burden, inside of you: all those emotions that you have to “fight” against and it looks like God doesn’t answer you because you simply don’t understand what is happening.

I told my beautiful children that whatever they need to say, they can tell me, because I will do whatever is possible to understand and I am going to take advantage of the situation to teach them. There are some situations that exist in our mind that make us feel embarrassed to speak to our parents, who only want to help, so, it takes years to resolve them.

The same thing happens when you are speaking to God! Sometimes you only say superficial things, you only say what you want to reach. For example: “I want to be a woman of God; Lord you can count on me!” But you don’t say why you want to become a woman of God and you don’t express what is actually stopping you from being a woman of God! In other words, you are not truthfully expressing yourself: you do not say that you have bad eyes, envy, dirty thoughts, that what you desire is what is wrong… you don’t reveal your identity. And so, you keep waiting and waiting for God! But you don’t give Him your all.

I am going to speak a little bit about myself:

I, Viviane, had difficulties in my childhood speaking and the people around me had trouble understanding me. Only my sister spoke “my language”. And so we became the best of friends, because she was the only one that knew everything that I was suffering in school. My mom didn’t know about anything that was going on outside the home, and I didn’t really tell her anything that happened. Because of this, my mom only discovered it when I was around 30 years old, when my sister wrote an article about me, where she said what she saw at the time and what happened… my mom didn’t know that I suffered “bullying” in school, because I would never tell her anything.

At home, I wanted things to go the way that I wanted, and when my mom didn’t do it, then I would kick and scream on the floor… Yes, I use to do this! Because I was revolted inside… My mom always spoke to me, counseled me, but I hardly ever listened because she didn’t speak “my language”. Many times, she didn’t ask and I didn’t tell her what was going on with me.

So it was very complicated, because neither I nor my mom were communicating in the best of ways.

I believe that it was because of my childhood “language”, of not being able to express myself well, and because my parents were not understanding me.

Later as an adult, rare were the times that I could talk to my mom because I was afraid that she did not understand me. She was already saying things that I was not ready to listen and I wanted her to understand me first.

So my cybernaut friend, maybe that is what is happening to you when you go to church to pray, to speak to God.

You are not baptized with the Holy Spirit for lack of talking about yourself and really telling Him everything.

“But Viviane, I am ashamed! It is so useless, so dirty, and so embarrassing, that even thinking about it makes me uncomfortable…”

Yes, my friend! But when there is fear, that shame, it means that there doesn’t exist any faith.

Look here when it says:

“ Faith is the certainty of things to come…” Because when there is certainty, there is no misgivings or fear. When you believe in God, show Him that you believe, with the certainty that He is going to resolve what could not be resolved. But there has to be transparency, in other words, you have to speak the truth to Him. That is the secret! The secret to knowing God is when you don’t have any fear.

“Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.” (Hebrews 11.1)

You haven’t even seen the results, you’re not even speaking about the results, but if you mention that you believe, He will do the impossible in your life, even the things you couldn’t do alone until then.

For example, you can’t change yourself, to rip out all that pain, that past, those traumas you’ve had your whole life. But in the moment that you decide to say everything, visualizing your objective and not looking at your weakness, or crying,and by doing that you automatically visualize what you want to achieve.

If you do this, my fellow cybernaut, you will not be the same person when you finish your prayer, nor will the results stay the same way. In you the answer will be confirmed, that peace, that certainty. You will conduct yourself with happiness because you will be certain of the response.

You don’t have to see, touch, or feel anything… just have CERTAINTY inside you. That’s what it means to have faith and have an intelligent prayer.

I always told my son that when I cry during prayer, it isn’t because I am feeling anything or that I have a necessity to cry when I speak to God. I cry because I feel the pain of not reaching what I wanted to achieve, not representing what I want to God.

I look at my goal and I cry, expressing to Him what is really going on inside of me. And do you know that when I cry, its not like normal crying because my tears stay locked inside; I get blotchy, all red, and it take about 30 minutes for the red on my face to go away. But I don’t worry myself about that, because I am original; I’m being me. I love being who I am and expressing myself; I am not chained by what others think of me. Even more than that, I am connected to my faith in God, that liberates me, independent of whomever, because that faith gives me conviction, that certainty that makes me happy, to be that Viviane that I really am, spontaneous, radiant… That is the Viviane that please God.

And you my fellow cybernaut, are you spontaneous?

Are you emptying yourself to God?

You could be that type of person that is always waiting for things to happen, and while you’re waiting, you don’t expose yourself to God.

I am going to complete 23 years of marriage, and I am with Jesus for about 25 years, and in all those years, my cybernaut friend, my prayer and my communication with God is EVERYTHING!

And that is why I don’t waste my time when I go to church because I participate; I speak to God in a way that exposes everything. Not for anyone else to hear, because actually I don’t feel comfortable doing that, but I speak to God in a way that I can hear myself, so I sit, or go down on my knees. I have to be original. At home, whenever I speak to God, I am going to be real with Him… And that is what you should do too. You have to value yourself, no matter who you are, be transparent and say what you need to tell Him.

This connection with God will make you have that same strength I have when you tell me:
“Viviane you are so strong!” Because that relationship, that belief, and that outburst is what makes me have what I have with God, that makes me who I am: happy and not frustrated.

A big hug cybernaut friend and leave your comment below!

Listent to this audio, call people who around you to listen, share this on your social networks, and let’s involve the people that are in need. And when you do comment below, be transparent, what ever it is, and share what is happening with you: what God is creating inside of you so that others can enjoy those same benefits.

Until next week!

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10 comentários

  1. this is very powerful, now I know where I have been wrong but how do I be natural because every time I pray I get this feeling that I don’t understand (like I want the pastor to see me that am praying and I don’t want that to happen) how do I stop being a hypocrite?

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  2. This is very strong, it awoke my spiritual life, now I know where I’ve been going wrong.

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  3. Hi Mrs Viviane,
    Thank you for this message, I already knew this but I was not doing it and this made realise that that makes me an hypocrite, someone that I disdain and thank God I came across your website.
    I don’t normally read it but I know God has seen that I was in need of opening my eyes in order for me to open myself.
    Thank you so much
    May God bless you everlastingly,
    Ta ligado ?

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  4. Thank you Mrs Viviane , I’ve been a victim of an up and down faith and most of the times when I was up in my faith , I slowly neglected my communion with God , bit by bit , and I saw myself sinking into the background bit by bit . This means a lot to me , because now I plan to stay to with God for the rest of my life , there’s no other choice or way . Thank you for not only being a strong women but sharing the core of your strength .

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