Love: #4 – Why I won’t shut up

Viviane Freitas

  • 16
  • Oct
  • 2015

Love : #4 – Why I won’t shut up

  • 16
  • Oct
  • 2015

Hello to all cybernauts! It is a pleasure to be here with you here today. And every Friday we are going to have an audio exclusively speaking about a different theme. Before the 21 days of the Fast, we were speaking about love; love that has nothing to do with emotion, sentimental feelings, feeling sorry for yourself, pitying, but a love that has attitude and takes action.

Today we will be reading the book of Isaiah, chapter 62, verse 1:

For Zion’s sake I will not keep silent, for Jerusalem’s sake I will not rest, till her righteousness goes forth as brightness, and her salvation as a lamp that burns. (Isaiah 62:1)

Well, it’s true. Have you noticed that when we are among women, many are ashamed to speak the whole truth? Have you ever noticed this? They stay with that atmosphere saying, “Oh you are so nice! I like you! I like spending time with you, and blah, blah, blah!” Many times they are even being sincere; they really do enjoy the company of that person, but they are always speaking about things that are good! When you have to speak the truth, to exhort, and to scold, and say the whole truth, you are scared to do so. And do you know why this happens with women? And I say among women, because I don’t know about the men… obviously I have my husband, my father, my son, and this I know: They say the truth right away. There is no “blah blah blah”! They speak to resolve! But when it’s women (apart from the women that I know in my family) and even those that I knew and were by my side, I always had the care to speak up, because in reality, these people feel hurt as well when they hear the truth. And when this happens, the react in the same manner as the others. So they have this care, they speak about good things, they praise, etc.

I have a friend with me that was like that… Her name is Luisa.

Viviane: “Isn’t that true, Luisa?”
Luisa: “It is true Mrs. Viviane, and I speak of myself! I was someone who was always “pleasing”, I loved to please others. And for me to say the truth to that person, when I saw something wrong, it cost me a lot. Actually, I couldn’t even bring myself to speak the truth! I would circle around it, and in a very superficial way, I would try to help. But I wasn’t.”
Viviane: “Incredible, that you also passed on that insecurity… Because you had this fear, you would pass insecurity, revealing that you weren’t being original. On the other hand, when I met Luisa, I was very resolved and determined, and if you are accompanying the Blog, in My Diary, even though I was in California and haven’t even reached Europe, you will discover more about me. And I will explain with details…
But when I met Luisa, I asked her to be my produces on the program “Woman Things,” and I needed her, in a way that she would say the truth. But Luisa had a lot of ‘respect’ and caution.”
Luisa: ” I was afraid of what you would think of me, of causing trouble…”
Viviane: “My husband, was after all, responsible for your husband, so you didn’t want to cause any situation.
So I knew that you weren’t being original, until the day that I got very angry with you. Because I would always tell you to speak the truth, and when I asked you, you would always find a way to be nice… Until one day, what did I do? You must remember it very well, don’t you Luisa? ”
Luisa: “I can never forget that say, because when you looked at me with your eyes very open – and those who don’t know Mrs. Viviane, up close, know that she has very big eyes – and she looked at me with those big eyes very wide open and said: ‘Luisa, pay very close attention in what I am going to tell you: You are here to help me, to tell me the truth, my friend. And if you don’t tell me the truth, then you will be removed and someone else will be in your place to tell me the truth. So, stop being like that!’
And you told me this very seriously. ”
Viviane: “I even said this a little loudly, because I was so upset at this…”
Luisa: “And why? Because the situation that the Mrs. was in, at that moment, and because I was the producer of the program, security was demanded of me, my job demanded of me to be truthful… you were concerned about the job.
Viviane: “And to me it wasn’t being offensive, Luisa, you telling me the truth. I wanted the truth, because I was resolved with God. And when we are resolved with God, the truth doesn’t offend us. When we hear the truth, we are grateful, because we are being molded and fitted to whom we need to be…”
Luisa: “But, Mrs., you said something very important in the beginning, when you mentioned on just telling the truth to another person, but as well as accepting the truth about ourselves! And my problem was that when I heard the truth about myself or I was being scolded, I would feel hurt. It hurt me, wounded me, I didn’t like hearing about my errors.”
Viviane: “Inclusively, I would face them head when it concerned you!”
Luisa: “Yes you did face it! Because I would accept the truth about me… I didn’t hearing about my mistakes.”
Viviane: “Look at how wonderful the love of God is! His love isn’t the “la la la’s” that people say in love songs, saying: “ Oh, God is wonderful…” and sing about Him, but they aren’t truthful or radical with their sins.
They aren’t radical with the things that things that are going to hurt them and other as well.

It is written: “For Zion’s sake I will not keep silent…”

This means that it is the person’s as well as God’s obligation to speak up! Why? Because they know that’s something is wrong, and that is why they cannot exempt the truth! Jesus is Light! And what does light do? It shines! And people don’t want to hear the truth.
The love of God is the truth that enlightens.

“For Zion’s sake I will not keep silent, for Jerusalem’s sake I will not rest, till her righteousness goes forth as brightness, and her salvation as a lamp that burns.” (Isaiah 62:1)

Zion represents the church. And Jerusalem I believe are those who do the Work of God, Jerusalem is the capital, and it’s the most important part of the city. And those who are in Jerusalem, they are those who do the Work of God, be it on the Altar or in the Atrium.

“…I will not rest…”

When I am involved in the Work of God, that is when I cannot keep quite! I cannot see an error in Luisa and be quite. I cannot be an accomplice to her mistake. Because if I don’t speak up, I commit the same mistake she is making.

Luisa: “And it’s worse! It will harm me, seeing that I am on the way to destruction, and not helping me. ”

In other words Luisa: You are not original with God, and neither am I! I “pat your back” in our friendship, so that there is a good atmosphere, and I don’t prioritize God, but I am going to be dealing with that every day. Where is God in that?!

“…till her righteousness…”

And what is righteous? Righteous is to correct a mistake! If there is no correction, truth, what is just, I will not rest. Especially with those who are doing the Work of God on the Altar or in the Atrium.

“…as brightness…”

That righteousness and correction, has to be in the form of truth, like a “light” that allows you to see! When I do not be quite, it is because there is truth in me.

“…and her salvation as a lamp that burns.”

This is true love! Love has everything to do with what is just and salvation.
What does not save and does not allow you to be free from danger in relation to your soul; what doesn’t “cut the evil at its roots” , with “small talk”… and I am not that person, no! I am not the type of person that says, “Oh Darling, how are you? Cutie pie…” I am not that person. And why? Because I don’t use this to please other people. I am original, and sometimes people expect more from me, because I am not there to please anyone. I want to be original, real. So, in the first opportunity that I get, I don’t want to “be indebted”. Because when I don’t say anything, when I am in quiet, I am in debt, and I cannot be, with God or anyone else! To do a program and to be hear speaking with you, do you think I say one thing and do another? NO! I have to solve what I need to solve, before doing anything with God. I want to offer God something that is acceptable!

I think I spoke too much… but know that love does not stay quiet, and this makes justice shine, like a light that reveals the truth! And when your salvation is like the torch that moves with the light; I am that torch when I live in truth.

My cybernaut friend, it was a pleasure to be here with you. Do yourself a favor and participate here on the Blog. Do not be silent. Because you say you love me and respect me, drop by and say what is happening with you. How do you see yourself when you speak the truth? Do you present the love that God has for? Do you accept hearing the truth?

Participate here and I will love reading your comments.

A big hug and until next week.

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  1. To be honest I like it when am told the truth in my face be wrong or good. However I struggle with telling people the truth. For example if a friend disappoint me I don’t really tell them how I feel. I find it more easy to be around people who are straight forward. But those that are not I feel I will hurt them if I tell the truth.

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  2. This is so strong!

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  3. morning madam, l love,get to trust, and create friendship with some one who is sincere with me though it hurts in the begining but later on l sit down think about it and do some thing about it and go back and thank that person for his or her correction but on the other hand if l recorgnise some thing wrong on someone especially those older, more respectable,sincerely l don’t involve not because l don’t want to but l tell myself who am l?and pray to God about it.

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  4. I agree with you Mrs Vivian, people must know you for the truth if they hate you for that at least you remain with a clear conscious and a peace of mind and that keeps me going as well….thank you for the message

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  5. wow this message is directed towards me,i have been thus kind of person who sees a mistake and i just keep quiet because i would be afraid of the outcome if i did i know the importance of saying the truth when its required.thanks

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  6. wow!!! really Mrs Vivi, i don’t know what to say because you were talking to me directly. Thanks, listening to your message today has brought light into me. Meaning am going to practice all you said and change to become a better person.

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