Pledge Night 2015

Cláudia Boeno

  • 17
  • Oct
  • 2015

Pledge Night 2015

  • 17
  • Oct
  • 2015

Hello girls, this month is special for all of us! October 31, will be Pledge Night for the new members of Godllywood, and this post is to help you, and your guests as well.

IMG_1010It’s your moment and everything should be prepared in advance. Be inspired by the dresses and next week Carina will be giving you tips on make up and hairstyles to complete your look so you can’t go wrong!

Well, let’s start with the colors:

Dresses according to skin tone

Very light skinned girls:
Avoid yellow or greenish colors; the best tones of colors are pink, blue and red.

Dark skinned girls:
Avoid brown tones; go for yellow, green, blue, red or beige tones.


Yellowish skin girls:
This type of skin goes well with blue, brown, red, pink or gold tones.

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Once you have already chosen the color, here are some rules:

Dresses for short girls:
They should not be too long or overly broad. Prefer average lengths, leaving some of the legs showing. Dresses with too much volume and heavy details should be avoided.


Dresses for skinny girls:
Go for dresses with bulky and flashy details, adding more volume to the body. Dresses with frills, ruffles, draping and embroidery – as well as full-bodied fabrics – are good tips.
Straight cut necklines cut help give greater volume, use large prints, bold and light colors, avoid dark colors.
Also, dresses that are too tight should also be avoided.


Dresses for heavier girls:
Unlike thin girls, volume and excessive details should be avoided. Ruffles, pleats and prints are not recommended.
Avoid heavy and bulky fabrics like muslin, chiffon, taffeta, satin or velvet, also those that add volume at the waist like tulle and organza.
Crepe silk or crepe Madame are the most suitable.

FullSizeRender 2

Dresses for girls with larger Arms:
Sleeves are a good way to disguise this region of the body, from short, long or ¾, but without volume, and no arms visible.


Dresses for girls without Waist:
Women with no waists should invest in models that are fitted in this region of the body. Details, volumes, ruffles can be seen near the waist, and different textures.
Go for dresses with cuts and cutouts.
Avoid or straight cut or tube cuts.
Sash around the waist is a good trick!
FullSizeRender 10

Remember that heavier girls with very large bust or hips should avoid prints, especially large ones. Dark sober colors, and straight dresses, are the most appropriate in these cases. Do not use transparencies (they are vulgar) and be careful with plunging necklines, they can reveal what you do not want to display.

If you’re a guest you don’t necessarily have to a wear long dress unless it is specified in the invitation (which is not the case). Dresses with knee-length are a great choice. Suits are good for this occasion, long or Midi skirts.
Here are some models that we separated for the guests.

Get inspired and make the most of this day, which will be held in several regions around the world! Here in Portugal it will take place at 7 pm, at Rua Dr. José Espirito Santo No. 36, Parish of Marvila in Lisbon. You are our guest!
Don’t forget that next week we will have more tips for Pledge Night.


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