Why I want to wish you congratulations?

Viviane Freitas

  • 19
  • Jan
  • 2016

Why I want to wish you congratulations?

  • 19
  • Jan
  • 2016

Good Evening Mrs. Viviane.

I know that you have already received a “mountain” of congratulations for his day and yes you are VERY SPECIAL.

But I want to tell you WHY you are special to me, and that is why I’m so glad for this day – the day that God gave us such a wonderful person.

I’ll try to be brief, lol ….

It has been two years since I came to Portugal and my God … what a place, because it caused a revolution within me!

I arrived already seeing a lot of ugly things in me, insecurities, pride, vanity and the list goes on.

And each meeting that you did, I thought “Now, she will ease a little bit of my pain lol.”

On the contrary each meeting you did would make me be come more revolted and the pain only increased because the words indeed hurt.

I did not understand at first because I was always so “nice” to people always had a smile on my face and making everyone around me smile; how did I go from being “good” to being the “villain” of the story.

Many meetings and situations happened that hurt me and I just felt pain.

I think that’s why I didn’t congratulate you last year, because honestly you were not personally special to me, I still did not understand many things.

Mrs. Viviane, you really hurt ME and if I have developed today, it’s because you had the courage to hurt me, my feelings, my vanity, my pride; in the meetings and in every word you spoke to me directly.

Today, I can be the young woman of God, whom I always longed to be but was never able to because I still needed someone to hurt ME, like you did.

I have many things to change but it does not scare me anymore, because I learned with you how to…the path of renunciation of a true helper of a Man of God who lives on the Altar.

Thank you for being brave, being bold, being courageous in Faith and causing this revolution.

Note: When you raised me up as a Sister, you said: “There is no congratulations, congratulations you will have when you win souls and help others.”

Today I understand your wise words and I can wish you with all my respect – CONGRATULATIONS Mrs Vivi because you helped me save my soul!!


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  1. Amen Mrs. This post reminded me of this verse in the Bible:

    “Faithful are the wounds of a friend, …”
    – Proverbs 27:6

    Many times we feel bad when people who truly cares for us rebuke us not knowing that it is for our benefit.

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