Who is considered an overcomer?

Viviane Freitas

  • 16
  • Jan
  • 2014

Who is considered an overcomer?

  • 16
  • Jan
  • 2014

Youths, who do you think is an overcomer?

Do you consider yourself an overcomer only because you’ve had some achievements?

Many think that just because they are alive it makes them overcomers, because many aren’t.
They think that those who fight in life and conquer what they want are overcomers or a football team that wins the game.
I will give you more clear and simple examples:

If I want something and I fight, strive to achieve it, does this make me an overcomer?
If I want to have a career, I study, sacrifice many hours of sleep, time with family, going out with friends, etc. And I graduate; does this make me an overcomer?
Your answer is probably, yes!
But I say: No!

And you ask: so what is it then?

That is conquering, not overcoming! While we are in this world, we are conquerors.
We are overcomers only when we get to heaven, because nothing and no one can take away our victory, our treasure.

Which is our SALVATION!

I wonder, are you an overcomer? Maybe you’ve already conquered many things, or investing on it by putting all your strength into achieving what you want.
But, the most important thing is not on your list. What should actually be on top of your list, your priority you have left out. You have not paid much importance to it.
Now stop, analyze and ask yourself, are you truly an overcomer?

If you’re already certain of your salvation, don’t let anyone steal it from you, because while you’re still in this world, you have to maintain it every day.
If you still don’t posses it, then fight with all your strength to obtain it, because there’s no use conquering here, but not being an overcomer in heaven, because you didn’t obtain the most important thing here on earth.

A hug!

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