What is your opinion on this?

Viviane Freitas

  • 16
  • Jan
  • 2014

What is your opinion on this?

  • 16
  • Jan
  • 2014

Ah! Mrs. Luisa, you post and say whatever you want to your blind, alienated and manipulated herd because you’ve been married for twelve years!
No scripture fell from the sky and went directly to you. God never spoke neither A nor B. What we have here is distorted teachings, contradictions and more contradictions.
No one knows the absolute truth on the subject of love life.

I do not know why we hear the Pastors preach so much that God wants us to be happy in our love life, that we were not made to be alone, etc. There’s so much guidance on this subject, so many stories, so many testimonies, but yet so many problems and difficulties.

How can God create something, and at the same time make it a huge problem? There must be something wrong or the Pastors themselves can explain it.
And now we read this article that says, it’s better to enter the Kingdom of Heaven being single than in a relationship and go to hell.
There is so much contradiction in your teachings, things that aren’t well explained, they remain unclear.

I only see problems. And this teaching that if you want to go to heaven it’s better to stay single is very strange!
These explanations don’t match. How can God create something to His own imagine that can lead us to hell?
There’s something not explained right in the Bible.

What can we conclude upon receiving these comments and many others?

The devil is not pleased with the direction that is given in each article directed to the assistants, especially when it comes to their love life because this is the most sensitive and vulnerable area.

Once again, I take this opportunity to alert you on the importance of being well aware of your feelings, and if by any chance you are having problems in this area, do not hesitate to talk to your Pastor or who ever is responsible so that this situation does not get worst each passing day. Be careful, assistant, and ponder on your actions. Do not be hasty, as many have, and today aren’t amongst us anymore.

I leave you with the comments above so that you can review the seriousness of the matter, and I ask, in your perspective, what answer would you give to these comments?

What is your advice?

Leave your comments and thoughts on this subject.

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4 comentários

  1. The person shows too much dependence on man.The hardship that we have are supposed to draw us closer to God.
    We must trust in God,no one has our answers except Him.
    We have to praise Him in all situations as it is written.
    Most hardship is meant to mild us but when we complain we miss the purpose.May God have mercy on us.

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  2. Thanks for sharing that Comment. It made me to really think of how deep into the things of God, I must be. What I notice from the person who made the comment is that she doesn’t want to accept the harsh truth of sacrifice. Everything is very clear based on how strict and alert we have to be when it comes to our Love Life. If you accept the direction, no matter how hard it may be (Sacrifice), God is a rewarded to those who diligently seek Him.

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  3. The 1st thing i notice is that the person writing is very emotional about the subject, which already is a recipe for disaster. Yes being blessed in my love life is important but if my relationship poses a risk to my salvation then it is better to be alone. Not complicated at all. If my eye (relationship) causes me to sin, i must remove it (brake it off). Better to enter heaven with one eye (single) than to go to hell with both eyes (in a relationship).

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  4. Mrs Luisa i agree that the devil take advantage of this area of our lives because he want to humiliate us and to take what is more precious on us (salvation).So we are so privileged to have people who are talking about the matters like this and we have to thank God that we have people to talk with i.e Pastors.Thank you for this post keep up advising people like me because are helpful.

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