Who are you committed to?

Viviane Freitas

  • 17
  • Oct
  • 2014

Who are you committed to?

  • 17
  • Oct
  • 2014

Today, Friday, I want to ask you to whom have you cried out to?

“Now it happened in the process of time that the king of Egypt died. Then the children of Israel groaned because of the bondage, and they cried out; and their cry came up to God because of the bondage.

So God heard their groaning, and God remembered His covenant with Abraham, with Isaac, and with Jacob.

And God looked upon the children of Israel, and God acknowledged them. ”
(Ex.2: 23-25)

Notice that the people of Israel only cried out after they were enslaved. Which showed that they did not have a covenant with God. Only Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, and Joseph had a covenant with God.

Those who have a covenant with God are His allies. Just like in a marriage, your spouse is your ally, in which you require responsibility, submission, commitment, and loyalty from each other. Likewise, when we have a commitment with God, there is a covenant, so therefore He is attentive to our situation.

The whole world is suffering and God is aware of this, but since people do not have a commitment with Him and He does not impose His will, they continue to suffer.

Many people say it is unfair and question why God allows so many bad things to happen to them, even though they are “good people.” But, regardless of being a good person or not – although the Lord Jesus says that only God is good – if we do not have a commitment with God, like the people of Israel, even though you attend the Church, you will still remain under bondage.

When you are a slave of something, certainly it is because you do not have an alliance with God or this alliance is “broken”, “divorced” or “separated”. But when you have an alliance with God, He has a commitment with you and vice versa. Thus, He will be attentive to your situation.

The people of Israel cried out to God not because it was in their character, or because they wanted to have an alliance with Him, but because they were in need. Of course, before committing ourselves or making a covenant with God, we come to Him because of need, and our cry goes up to Him.

But God can only act when there is an alliance with Him. When the people cried out to Him He remembered the covenant he had with Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, who had been buried for many years.

When you have a covenant with God, you have security.

When the people of Israel materialized their faith through their cry out, God heard their cry because of this alliance. Hence the importance of sealing a covenant with God because once you have it, you are insured! God will attend to your need and certainly your faith will be active. With an alliance there are responsibilities, actions you must take. When you have this alliance you will be active and have an active faith, you will be innovated, and experience new things. You will overcome new challenges by investing on yourself in your communion with God and in everything related to your faith.

Friend, take action! Make that commitment with God. God cannot make an alliance with you if you do not make one with Him: “Come to me…” You must come to God. It is your time. Time to take the initiative and do only what you can.

Make an alliance with Him. Do what you need to do!


I will go even further: When a person is not defined, they are not using their faith! Every time I was defined, the Spirit of God was upon me, and there was Spirit and life in the decisions I made, there was change. I received the answers I was looking for! But when you are not defined, there is no spirit, strength, alliance, commitment, or responsibility.


Take action and revolutionize your life, you are responsible for your own life; it is in your hands.


It is up to you! Leave your comment, which I am thankful when you do, but mainly I will like to know what you are willing to do from now on.

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2 comentários

  1. Thank you for the message Mrs Viviane as for me, from on I will make it a point to have an alliance with God so that in everything he may look out for me just like he did with Abraham, Isaac & Joseph he never left them as he promised.

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  2. Hello Dona Viviane,
    I am very challenge after I read your message today.
    I am member of our Church here in Macau for 4years already.one words is still here in my mind after I read.”BONDAGE” i felt revolted coz I am in the same situation before I came to Uckg until now!…but ENOUGH IS ENOUGH. Thank you for awaking message Dona Viviane. Its time to take action.

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