What young people are capable of

Viviane Freitas

  • 21
  • Jun
  • 2013

What young people are capable of

  • 21
  • Jun
  • 2013

Young people have the power to change their society. But, because their strength has been put into many destructive things, they must first change the direction of they are going.

I will point out an important issue in this post, something that will make us think:

What use is all the strength a warrior has if he is controlled or overpowered?

Have you seen someone fear a lion in a cage?

But if you hear that this lion has escaped and is running around loose somewhere, who will dare to go near it?

Nowadays, young people are feared because of what they are capable of doing with the power they possess.

There are two extremes:

– Those who are feared because of what they do, such as violence, aggression, vandalism, etc.

– And those who are locked up in their own world, with feelings, attitudes and thoughts of suicide.
In both cases, their strength has been put into things that will not bring them or their society any benefit.
Youths, we are no longer in an indecisive time. You can no longer be seen as someone vulnerable and unsteady, someone that wants something one day and completely forgets about it the next.

Together we can change all that by investing your strength in something productive and healthy. That way you can change that sad reality that has become the lives of many young people.

Prove that you no longer want to be feared because of bad actions or feelings of inferiority.

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  1. to be reared is not a right thing because you do not get rebuke and no one may seem to like you as youth we must make a change it our environment

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