Health: I don’t have time for myself!

Viviane Freitas

  • 22
  • Jun
  • 2013

Health : I don’t have time for myself!

  • 22
  • Jun
  • 2013

Have you noticed that it’s very common for people to say this, nowadays?

Many people’s lives consist of running around busy all day.

Now notice that people make time for work, meetings, social events, and many other things, but when it comes to make time for themselves, they always say, “I don’t have anytime for myself!”

Honestly, these words don’t sound right to me. I want to make you think and analyze this with me:

If I don’t take care of myself, who will?
If I don’t take care of myself, how can I take care of my family, work, school, etc.?
How can I show He whom lives inside of me to others, if on the outside I’m mess?

It doesn’t make any sense, right?

The one person that surely needs your time is you, take care of yourself, what you eat, your body, and your appearance. This will not only do you good, but also those around you.

We’re always taught to be organized at work, home, and in school, in order for things to run more efficiently. So why not organize yourself in a way that you can take care of your health and body? After all, if your not healthy how can you go to work, study, and take care for others!

Let’s learn together how to better organize ourselves in order to have a healthier life.

Everything will depend on your daily routine. I will give you some ideas of how to organize the way you eat.


Go grocery shopping – So when you get home you have everything you need for a well-balanced meal. So buy plenty of fruits and vegetables every week.

Exercise – 3 times a week for 30 minutes: If you don’t have a gym membership it’s not an excuse, there are several other ways we can exercise – whether it’s walking, climbing the stairs, by watching YouTube videos, or stretching. Anything counts!

Daily organization:

Waking up early: This is essential in order for you to have control of your day without having to jump out of bed and begin running around to get everything done. Have breakfast upon waking up; this gets your metabolism working. Everything runs much better and more organized when we woke up early!

Snacks: Plan out what snacks you will have each day, carry them with you.

Water: Do not forget your water!

Salad: Always leave extra vegetables already washed and chopped in the fridge – so it will be fast and convenient when making a salad.

Soup: If you don’t have time to cook, take at least two days a week to make soup. Place it into airtight containers and freeze it.

Meals: Always leave some meat / chicken / fish thawing overnight for your lunch or dinner the next day. Grilled or baked meals are usually quick and healthy.

You have to find out which meal is your “weak point”. What is this? It’s the one meal where you have the desire to “throw the towel”, eat without limits, and eat everything you see. The time where you want to just relax and eat!

Whether it’s breakfast, lunch, afternoon snack or dinner, this is the meal were you have to eat healthy so you don’t fall back into the routine of eating recklessly and what you shouldn’t. Do you have a meal that is your “weak point”?

This post was full of tips. Did you like them? Do you have anything to say? I’ll be waiting for your comments and might even be a topic for next week!

*The information provided is not directed for individual use and should not replace the any advise from nutritionists, psychologists and or health profession. Always consult your doctor about any matter relating to your health and treatments.

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  1. Dear Mis Viviane

    Thank you of the message, now I will stop saying I don’t have time of myself and start applying this tips you gave and start to have me time and livening a health life.

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  2. Just bought trainers time to hit the pavement.

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  3. Time to put more time for myself aside, and not to push off it ant longer… I need to make time for myself!

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