What makes God look at me and change my life?

Viviane Freitas

  • 27
  • Oct
  • 2014

What makes God look at me and change my life?

  • 27
  • Oct
  • 2014

Obeying God has always required courage of the man or woman who listens to His voice. 

God does not want us to stop because as the God of all creation, how could His people live a stagnant life?

From ancient times to the present day God still acts in this way – whoever shows disposition will be innovated. Not only within themselves but also in their daily surroundings.

His Word is alive within those who are willing to listen and put them it into practice. It brings practical results and I am a witness of this!

In recent months I willingly went deep within myself to get rid of the things that were hidden inside. I discovered that I had fears, that even though I have the Holy Spirit they (the fears) prevented me from acting, as God wanted me too. I was limiting the work of the Spirit of God in me and through me.

Why did I so often have fear, even though I have the Holy Spirit?

What I discovered is that every time I was accommodated the devil created situations that would trap me in a web. I was tangled with worries, and my spirit became afflicted and when I realized I had diverted from the faith I couldn’t figure out when it happened.

 And that’s not all, when we are not in faith the problem doesn’t get resolved and an unresolved problem turns into a trauma. That trauma stays hidden inside our heart, and is nourished by fear so we fight with all our might to prevent it from happening to us again. I believe it was the same fear that Moses felt when God called him and he asked God to send another in his place. He must’ve remembered how he fled out of Egypt and the rejection of those two men whom he tried to help. 
But Moses faced his fear, obeyed God and everything changed. What makes God look at me and help me is when I show disposition even when I’m afraid. 

The Feast of Tabernacles this year freed me from all that enslaved and mistreated me. I learned that I can’t accept my life as it is, I have to let go of the things I’m used to having, the way that I’m used to living, and always desire something new and better.

When it was time to pray, I went to the altar and left there everything I had inside, God spoke to me and told me: “I am.”

I didn’t immediately understand what those few words meant. Only after hearing what was said in the prayer of surrender, which was that we can’t believe what people say about us, that we shouldn’t listen to the words of the devil who tells me everything I do wrong, only then could I very well understand that now I could ignore everything, because He who is God decided to look at me.

But God did not say this to me without having prepared me first. Some tasks given to me made me overcome my fear, made me learn not to settle for the basic or little. Mainly one task in particular made me learn a lot about myself, and about how God sees me. 
But that I will speak about next week…

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3 comentários

  1. This message it lift me up . It is strong message i don’t have even much word to say or to explain it. Thank you very much.

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  2. Thank you Mrs V
    I have been asking God to show me flaws in my character that possibly make Him not consider my life and prayers anymore.
    It’s really like I got stuck,no victories like before my life seems stagnated.
    I am still continuing seeking God’s face and here today i find direction.Thank you Holy spirit.

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  3. Thanks for the word of encouragement.
    May God blesses you.

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