Youth: Youths with no desire to seek God

Viviane Freitas

  • 27
  • Oct
  • 2014

Youth : Youths with no desire to seek God

  • 27
  • Oct
  • 2014

They even know they should, they know it is important and it will do them good, but… they simply don’t have the desire to do so!

How many young people today live this drama? They even have the desire to seek God, know that it’s the right thing to do, but… it’s just not interesting to them.

What can you do?
You want your salvation, want to be of God, but how can you develop more interest in the things of God?

Normally, when we don’t understand something, we have no interest in investing our time in it.
For example: I didn’t understand mathematics up until the 8th grade, the classes were boring and I had no interest in studying it, until I had a teacher who help me, clarified my doubts and with that, math started to get interesting. Since then I started really enjoying math, to the point of while in college, I would do math to relax my mind from other subjects I didn’t like. LOL

With God it was no different. I had no interest in seeking God even though I knew it was the right path for me, until someone HELPED me, showed me God in an interesting way, showed God through their life. The God I thought was a religion become alive and real to me.
I started reading the Bible and each time I read it the stories weren’t just stories anymore, they became true examples of life for me. The Bible was no longer a religious book it became my life manual.

Two important points:
1. To be helped.
2. To try to find out whom He is.

It is very important for you to have someone direct you in your life with God, after all Jesus did not only speak or teach His disciples, but he also helped them. He spoke, motivated, rebuked, directed and drew their attention to what was important.

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5 comentários

  1. I didnt have the desire too but it all changed when someone helped me with mentoring and also being exemplary, even today i’m grateful to have found a motivation to be zealous in the work of God, it changed my life.

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  2. Thank you for that, I really needed that. Growing up in IURD since birth, I have never been able to commit myself to God. Not because I don’t want to, but because I can’t; and I know that isn’t a reason but it is hard. With the new pastor’s wife she has been taking these differently and making me do assignments and giving me due dates to complete them. It is becoming interesting and I am growing a bigger priority for God. I am simply not about to become 20 and still not be baptized with the HS, I don’t accept it. So, thank you again :}

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  3. Thank you for sharing Ms Vivian
    This is so true, many young people don’t invest in seeking the Spirit of God because they simply do not see this as a vitality in their lives.

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  4. Thanks Mrs Vivian

    It use to happen to me like postponing the time to seek God end up not seeking the holy Spirit,like having to interest it shows that you are still far from God.

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  5. Very true and it also goes the other way for those who already have had an encounter with God, if we are finding it difficult to seek God nowadays or losing that interest we had in the beginning, it is because we are not investing our time to know Him. I totally agree with the maths example, because there were many things in my life that I don’t/didn’t invest inbecause I didn’t have interest in it, and it’s a contiunual investment not just a one off thing.

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