This is the way to receive justice!

Viviane Freitas

  • 17
  • Jun
  • 2013

This is the way to receive justice!

  • 17
  • Jun
  • 2013

Hello, it is a great pleasure to be here with you. Today, we will continue talking about how to receive justice in your life.

Many are those who cry out for justice with all their might, but how can it be achieved?

“Then it will be righteousness for us, if we are careful to observe all these commandments before the Lord our God, as He has commanded us.”
(Dt.6: 25)

Justice will be done when I carefully observe and put into practice all the commandments … Not by talking!

Perhaps you try to justify yourself by saying: “In times of hardship, difficulties, I don’t know what happens that I forget … I don’t know why, but when I realize it I already committed a mistake. I have been unrighteous, I have spoken what I shouldn’t have, I answered back and was thoughtless in my actions, etc. ”

Do you know why?

Because when you read the Bible you simply gather information, you aren’t careful to put it into practice.

How can I that?

When you question yourself. When you look at your life and reflect on it. When you see how your behavior has been. When you believe and practice what is written!

Be honest with yourself and think: “If I you want justice in my life, what do I need to put into practice? Why do I always forget everything I have learned? ”

When you begin to expose yourself and question your difficulties, God revels to you what you have to do.

We aren’t perfect, but the Holy Spirit reminds us of God’s word when we need it. So why not listen to It?

You can’t listen to it because when you read the Bible you don’t apply in your day-to-day life.

“What about the verse I read?! I want it to come true in my life. Why don’t I get along with others, as it says in the book of Acts, the first Christians had all things in common? Why, then, do I have problems with the Pastor, with my family … problems everywhere! I don’t understand why … Why?! I want to know the answer! ”

Be cautious and attentive with what you learn. Stands firm and relay on what you read, because you really want to be righteous before God.

Righteousness will become natural and inherent to your attitudes and the way you surrender to Him.

So whoever feels like an injustice has been committed in their life, and wants to receive justice, you have to be cautious, fear, and be the very Word of God. Become the message itself, your life has to be an open Bible.

Be aware of your own life and stay in constant vigilance. Reflect and you will receive God’s righteousness.

Until next time

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  1. I never really seen myself as an open bible and now I know this is what i’ve got to do to be more of a reference to other girls.

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