An assistant with anxiety in her sentimental life!

Viviane Freitas

  • 17
  • Jun
  • 2013

An assistant with anxiety in her sentimental life!

  • 17
  • Jun
  • 2013

“I’ve been an assistant for a short time, and am going through a difficult situation.

I need your guidance because I don’t know what to do. I need an answer right now!”

Immediately I replied: “What happened? How can I help you?”

Then she replied: “I’m so happy to see that you’re available to respond immediately: Ms. Luisa D. I was raised as an assistant recently and there are certain situations in which I’ve never gone through. I need advice from someone like you, who has more experience and has gone through certain situations in your spiritual life.
Since December I have had many struggles, little by little I started to let the anxiety come over me. Stealthily, without realizing it, it went on to my sentimental life.
I’ve been single since I came to Church, I began to see other couples and even went to a wedding, which made me feel anxious again. I never did anything wrong, nor let any man come close. I committed no sin – if you know what I mean – but sadness was coming over me and this anxiety was attacking me again.
I became desperate because I had no one to talk to, a boyfriend to vent with. I’ve always tried to serve my Lord with love and devotion, but to see how other couples were happy made me feel like God had forgotten me.
So, I decided to expose my problem, I’ve seen your work, how your helping the assistants and I admire that, I admire your strength and courage.
I apologize for this long story and any misspellings. I thank you again for your attention and for your help with this problem, even though the distance. ”

Dear assistants, I decided to write about this example of this young girl, who is living with this “torment” inside of her, because many of you may be going through the same situation. Yes! This anxiety is a torment within the person, and unfortunately, many have put their lives on a silver platter for the devil because of these sneaky feelings. It all starts as something small. It seems as if nothing’s wrong, but slowly the problem becomes immense.

Read my answer carefully, it may be an answer to many others who see themselves in this type of situation:

“Pay attention! First of all, you do not have to apologize for anything, because that’s the reason why I’m here, to help and guide you.
I want you right now, while you read this, to create a revolt inside of you, to the point where all hell will shake with fear.
The devil wants to make you fall, but don’t give him that opportunity with these feelings anxiety.
Go against him with your sword of fire and do away with this evil in your life once and for all. Don’t accept being a victim. Don’t accept this suffering any longer!

If the Holy Spirit is upon you, then set fire upon the devil which is causing this great confusing in your head.

I ask you: Who is more important in your life? This sentimental problem? This anxiety? or the God who snatched from the clutches of the devil and filled you with His presence? Answer this by using your power of reasoning.

Raise your head up and stop this now! Believe in yourself! You can do it, as I did, when I put aside my feelings and embraced God with all my strength. I used my intelligence and began to serve God more than my small and petty thoughts that I would never be happy in my love life. You have to have this revolt inside of you.

What are you waiting for? For Jesus to come back and finds you like those foolish virgins?

A big hug full of faith and revolt! Act through your faith … ”

And for all of us, the same thing applies in any area of ​​our life.

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  4. Thank you Mrs Viviane – this post showed me how important it is for me to fight against these thoughts, I can know see CLEARLY that the devil wants me to fall. And at the end of the day, my relationship with God is much more important than my sentimental life.

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