The love life of the Assistants…

Viviane Freitas

  • 28
  • Feb
  • 2013

The love life of the Assistants…

  • 28
  • Feb
  • 2013

Look at the email I received recently, carefully read each detail please:

I would like to suggest a topic that should be addressed, one that I think is very important and where the devil always works: our love life. I am a former assistant and I left the work precisely because of this part of my life.

As an assistant I would always give as much of myself as possible. I’d work in every meeting I could and was always taking care of the things of God. I even had the desire to serve Him on the altar, but I allowed myself to get carried away by my feelings (I wasn’t born of God at that time). I would hear people, who were also part of the work of God, saying that I was too fat and that there was no way I’d have a future…The devil also put people who were wolves in sheep’s clothing in my way to destroy my life.

The things that happened started to get me down and I ended up fornicating. I left the work of God. Today though, by God’s mercy, after opening my eyes and surrendering to Him truly, I’m back in the church and I intend to do the work of God again. This time, I’ll do it the right way. I believe many people may be going through what I went through, though today things are different, there are many studies and meetings for the assistants, which I did not have at my time… ”

Did you read carefully? What a serious situation, isn´t it?

The case referred to above is, unfortunately, the case of many assistants, who suffer the pain of not being fulfilled in their love life. We can’t turn a blind eye to this reality. It’s an urgent situation that must be addressed!

This all starts with the simple feeling of not wanting to be alone and the fear of not finding the right person. It’s something very subtle that starts to grow within the person … an anxiety, a yearning to have someone by your side.

Every assistant wants to find a man of God that lives by the same faith. That’s natural and even healthy, as we all have the right to be fulfilled in this area of our lives. The problem is, while we’re on this journey, searching for the right person, we come across many stones and even “boulders” that must be overcome. We must be careful not to stumble.

“What stones?” you may ask…:


  • The negative words you hear: “Look for someone out in the world if you don’t find anyone here, or else you’ll end up being another spinster.”
  • Easy suggestions that lead to destruction.
  • The fast and careless choice of being with someone whose life (past and present) you haven’t even examined.
  • The discouraging words thought up by your own head, such as: “I’m not good enough to be with that person, I’m too fat, I’m not good looking, I’m not well-educated … that other girl is better than me, etc..”
  • list content goes here

Anyway, the obstacles that arise are many.

The truth is, if you’re not spiritually strong, you’ll certainly get carried away by all this opposition and your heart will end up dictating the course of your life. That’s where an opportunity, that the devil wants so badly, arises. One that will drag your life into a spiritual decline. And why?
Because you don’t use your head to think about the consequences of a simple “feeling”.
There’s an old Brazilian saying that goes like this: “When a head lacks in judgment, the body ends up paying.”

And don’t think that “the fall” will happen quickly. The devil waits as long as necessary to bring you down with one of his plots, such as in the case of this young woman above.

How dangerous! But thankfully she chose to open her eyes in time.

Now, think with me, how many assistants have given themselves over their supposed “love” (or passion) and today are lost and, perhaps, even in hell? Maybe this is YOUR case?

I know what I’m talking about, because I too have lived through very hard times. Times of pain in my love life even as an assistant. I had to fight with all my strength … but it wasn’t easy, I’ll tell you that!

I know you’re interested in finding out how I succeeded.

But calm down! Don’t make thoughtless decisions and don’t act rashly based on what you feel.

In the upcoming articles, I’ll share some of my experiences with you.
And for those of you who say: “I’ve already reach a certain age. I also have things to say about this.” Then leave your comment below. Remember, your feedback is important and may even help others.

See you next Thursday!

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  1. I am one of the Assistant who took part in the campaigns,gave tithe,offerings,avengelised and did everything that required from an assistant,but when I check my love life was just a shame.And Satan had an opportunity to trick me and I fell into sin.Becouse I became weak Spiritually and unable to see the danger that was placed in front of me.But today mymy ey

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  2. This is an unfortunate reality and it keeps happening over and over again, we usually know how it starts and how it will end but despite the teachings, it seems there are still too many assistants giving into this temptation.

    I think we need to stop sweeping the matter of our love lives under the carpet because when it surfaces, it brings a whole lot of anxieties and fantasies that only lead to destruction. I just wonder, if we actually took our love lives seriously, we actually used our faith and trusted in God, like we do with other “problems” (I’d like to call them challenges) in our lives, if we actually attend the therapy of love, get the bullet proof book and yes practice all the directions the Holy Spirit gives through the messages we receive in our meetings etc…God is faithful and just, He will not give us something we’re not prepared for.

    God has to find us faithful irrespective of the circumstances we’re in. We need to know and believe that God is faithful and cease behaving like the Israelite whose minds were still enslaved.

    I’ve learnt to invest in myself, take care of God and learn about relationships and marriage while I trust God to prepare me and my future husband to meet. It is definitely not easy but is “doable” when one focuses on God’s faithfulness.

    The secrete is our relationship with God.

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