4 secrets to losing weight and be at peace with scale

Viviane Freitas

  • 27
  • Feb
  • 2013

4 secrets to losing weight and be at peace with scale

  • 27
  • Feb
  • 2013

Hi everyone!

I love taking care of my health! My motto is “Prevention is the best medicine”, so in this space, I’ll have the pleasure of sharing “Health Tips” with you. I’m sure that together we’ll achieve wonderful results each week.

In our day-to-day rush, people tend to push health to the side. While everything seems to be ok nobody even thinks about the doctor, do they? I mean, why go to the doctor for treatment? Isn’t it great to just enjoy perfect health and go for occasional check-ups every now and then?

This column is essential to us, because we will learn practical tips that will become part of our daily lives and thereby achieve a perfect well-being.
On my first nutritional consultation, my doctor Virgílio Abreu handed me the “4 secrets to losing weight naturally and be at peace with the scale”.

Many people already know these secrets, but do we practice them? Ahhh! I knew about them, but do you think I put them to practice? Uh, no! That’s why I was 23Kg above my normal weight! That’s right: 23kg!

Want to lose weight with me and accept the challenge of following these secrets? Ok, here we go:

Secret #1: Eat breakfast like a queen
Everyone’s tired of hearing that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Think about it though, the title of “Queen” is well deserved since, by the time you reach morning, you’ve spent 8 hours or more without eating anything!

This first meal has to be balanced and should include bread or cereal, milk or yogurt, fruit and low fat cheese. Feel like eating something sweet? It’s the ideal time to give in to the temptation since you have all day to burn those extra calories. Add a tablespoon of sugar-free jelly or a thin slice of plain cake.

Secret #2: Eat lunch like a princess
No single food provides all the nutrients needed. Varied and moderate quantities is fundamental. See the illustration of an ideal dish:

Secret #3: Eat a snack like a commoner
As you may have noticed, the quanty of food is declining as the day progresses and if you follow these secrets properly, then there’ll be no need to exaggerate at snack time! But watch out…you know that feeling that hits around mid-afternoon that makes you want to eat everything you have in front of you on the table? Stop, hold on a minute!

*Here’s a healthy and nutritious tip to put an end to this: chop up some fruit, add oats and some flaxseed. It’s a perfect option for those looking to take care of their health and body.

Secret #4: Eat dinner like a beggar
Please, don’t get me wrong, the term “beggar” is just a way of showing that, at this stage, the calories should be minimal. That is, avoid heavy, fatty and fried foods. It’ll disturb your sleep and contribute to weight gain. Salads (avoid sauces), whole foods (containing fibers), sandwiches and/or soup are a good options for dinner.

I’m counting on you to accompany me on this marathon, especially since I’m still 6kg shy of my target.

Let’s put it to practice and help each other out! Who’s with me?

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