The frustrated assistant  

Viviane Freitas

  • 9
  • May
  • 2013

The frustrated assistant  

  • 9
  • May
  • 2013

I know an assistant, and there are many like her…

She preaches to the people, encourages them, speaks of faith, trust. Shows herself to be active in what she enjoys doing.

However, on Fridays, when the time comes to set people free, she does not appear. She runs from this responsibility.

Every Saturday, she’s always ready to evangelize those she doesn’t know, but gives little importance to those she already knows in the church.

Her concern is mainly focused on taking care of the physical side of things. When a situation demands the exercising of her faith for the Work she was once called to do… she shows herself to be discouraged and even in disbelief. She became indifferent to the suffering of the people.
Yes! She no longer believes that she’s an instrument that God chose to save souls.

She hardly dedicates her time to sit next to a member and listen to their needs. Her counselling is superficial. Mere words … lip service.

She isn’t close to the pastor’s wife, because she is concerned that other assistants will think she’s a “bootlicker” or “flatterer”… either that, or she fears the darkness within her will be seen.

She looks at the people and no longer sees them as souls. She is always ready to “serve”, but never stops to take a look at her own life.

She wants, at all costs, to give what she does not have. Because of this, she doesn’t see the fruit of her labor and ends up getting complacent.

She thinks her state is “normal” because, after all, she’s not in sin.

This is where the frustration originates from!

But why? Why does this happen?

Firstly, because she failed to invest in her spiritual life. She failed to maintain her Fear of God.

It is important that this be clear to all the assistants: The Work of God begins within us. It is from the inside out!

If a constant and permanent surrender is not present, frustration will always be the end result.

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  1. Hello Mrs Viv,

    I was recently raised as an assistant. I am very grateful for this post. It is an important reminder to be and not just to do.

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  2. Thank you for sharing Mrs Viv, I have just finished going back to the past now I am reading about the work of God and I want to be sincere with myself and analyse each message you share as for me not for anyone else. To see my true Spiritual state and above all change whatever needs to be changed.

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