The outcry that God answers

Elaine Rocha

  • 4
  • Aug
  • 2015

The outcry that God answers

  • 4
  • Aug
  • 2015

There are times when the soul is distressed, anxious, worried, there are situations we face where there is no peace inside … And why?

Because you are involved with the problem and not the faith! And you may ask: But how not to be involved with the problems, if I am feeling in my skin what they have caused?

In reality, the biggest problem is not the problem itself, but the lack of peace!

Faith has to be used when we face problems, when the soul is anguished, sad, worried, and not to say you have faith just when everything is good! What has your faith given you?

Cybernaut friend, my secret to overcome my anxieties and concerns, is only one: Thirst to please my God! And if I’m anxious, worried, concerned, I can’t please Him, for the element that makes me be bonded with my Lord, is not working: Faith.

“Without faith it is impossible to please God!” (Hebrews 11: 6)

Faith gives me courage to recognize my weaknesses and scream for divine help!

Faith sustains me in difficult times!

Faith makes me strong, even when everything around me wants to make me weak!

Faith gives me peace!

Faith makes me see beyond the problems!

Faith makes me different, unique!

Faith gives me assurance!

Faith renews me every day!

Faith brings me closer to God, because I’m willing to obey His word!

Do you see how we are benefited in living by faith?! Use your faith and cry out with all your strength for understanding, for help, expose your imperfections, mistakes and whatever has made you weak, and believe—because the answer and the solution of your problem begins within you!

A hug and see you next week!

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  1. we have to be in faith at all times in order for us to please God, otherwise we will never be able to overcome difficulties.

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  2. When everything is going fine it’s easy to use faith and praise God. And want serve Him more but when the deficit problems arise. The first thing I want to do is to anxiousley see what I can do to find the solution quick and in doing this and becoming anxious which is the #1 dangerous thing my problem them seem bigger and feel like quick sand the more I struggle the quicker I sink. But when I don’t try and do things by my own strength and I cry out and depend and trust in my God and use this faith that pleases Him that is when the problem that presents itself as a giant seem so small….and thinking about this reminds me that it’s the way I handle a situation that makes a BIG difference 😀

    Xxx <3

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  3. This blog here make you really think whether I’m living by faith or emotions

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    1. Faith is what God wants to see and it pleases Him. When we use it we dont have to be afriad of whats to come as with the faith we used we already know God will have to answer

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