Going back to the Past- 6th Part

Viviane Freitas

  • 4
  • Aug
  • 2015

Going back to the Past- 6th Part

  • 4
  • Aug
  • 2015

The family all together was a dream!
Everyone would wake up early, around 5 in the morning, and we would go to sleep around 8 or 9 at night because in South Africa the streets and the marketplace would be deserted around 6 in the evening, during that time. The last service would be at 6 p.m.

Every night, my family would pray together to tie up the principality, and we would also discuss and speak about some passages in the Bible. Those were the days!

During that time, there was no internet. There existed only three television channels in the whole country, in other words, there weren’t many distractions.

Breakfast and dinner were the times that the family would reunite at the table. There we would talk about our day-to-day that we went through at church, enjoying the marvelous moments as a family.

Júlio was developing his English as well as his ministry. We were sent to a church called Mitchells Plains. And there, it was another beginning. I wasn’t able to go every day to the church with him because I had to fulfill other responsibilities. And because it was a little distant, if I didn’t accompany him, I would only be able to go another day. While I was finishing up my responsibilities, there would be a little time left to watch an American television series. I would only be able to watch while I was at home, in this case, twice a week.

Many times, while I was in church, I would think about all the things that could happen in the television series. My thoughts were beginning to become more occupied with that distraction because, apparently, everything was already under control.

When I noticed that the series was talking away my focus to serve more and better, I decided to “cut it off” from my life.

And in addition to that, I was with my hands tied or in the dependency on others to resolve things that I had to go out to resolve. I would wait for someone to go out so that I could resolve what I needed, because where I lived there were no public transportation.

Júlio, Saturday evenings, would give me driving lessons. But he didn’t have much patience. Then one day he, impatiently said, “Vi, learn by yourself; I’m not going to keep dragging  by my side a suitcase with no handles and with rocks in it. You get the car and learn because I’m at my last drop of patience!” (He later profusely regretted in reacting that way with me).

In truth, that was all I needed to hear to start, in my faith, overcoming. So, since I couldn’t depend on him anymore to teach me, I took advantage when my father traveled to get his car and being training my driving; my father’s car was automatic.

While I was learning by myself, I would go in faith. All by myself. God and I. I would stay in spirit of prayer. And it went… I would drive near my home; I would even give rides to some ladies (This is not recommended for anyone to do) that would go walking, and I would leave them more ahead. And I went like this around the house. Every week, I dared myself to go somewhere different.

In the first week, I left the circle of my home, and I went to the mall. When I arrived, I had to park the car. It was hilarious because I would be in the spirit of prayer so that God could give me a parking space that I would be able to go front first…. And can you believe that that’s exactly what happened? I would park, resolve what I needed to resolve, and I would go back.

In the second week, I dared myself to go the market. And on the way to the market, I had to down the mountain where the road had two lanes: one to go down and one to go up. And going down, there were was an exit right on a curve where you couldn’t see the cars coming from the opposite direction. I was like, “Jesus, Jesus, Jesus!!!!!!” …. and I would turn. Until I reached the market! And to leave and go up the mountain, the exact same story…. also in faith. Going up, all I heard were car horns.

In other words, I began to execute, to take action on what I needed to overcome. And so it was, little by little, I would get more practice.

I had to overcome the fear of being alone. I took initiative, daring to drive even though I didn’t have any practice. I did this because of my personal faith. I don’t recommend anyone to do this, because I made the angels work overtime. I imagine the angels talking to each other on radios, saying, “Take care of her; she is going to turn left, hold on!” Hahaha

Note that when I wanted to achieve something, my husband’s impatience didn’t make me have bad eyes towards the situation. In reality, I had an objective and I did everything to achieve it.

I never badly interpreted Júlio’s words, but I understood that he didn’t want to give me a “silver spoon” and become dependent on him, or anyone else, for insignificant things.

I had to overcome. I had to run after it. I had to learn. I had to submit. And in addition to that, I had to have the answer to my objective that I wanted to reach, and bring in my hands the results.

I had an absolute certainty that he looked at me with admiration. Not only for my daring, but for the faith that I had.

In these small things, we reveal to what point we believe and depend on God.

I don’t recommend anyone to:

  1. Give rides to strangers
  2. Drive a car without an experienced driver at your side

A man loves when a woman resolves things instead of bringing problems. That is what permits us to help/assist them.

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  1. l learnt to use my faith, depending on God and to be patient.

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  2. We have to always put our faith into practice not depending on others but God

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  3. we have to alway put our faith into practice never depending on others but God.

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  4. It is really true Mrs v if you are not a helping tool in your marriage you are coming with problems, that is why you have to keep your marriage in place by helping where there is need for you to.

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  5. That’s a true lesson of total dependants in God. It is an inspiration.

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