Speeding up your metabolism

Viviane Freitas

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  • 2013

Speeding up your metabolism

  • 4
  • Dec
  • 2013

There are various factors that can cause change in your metabolism like: age (your metabolism slows about 5 % per decade after the age of 40), gender (men burn more calories than women), amount of lean mass present (muscle) the more you have the faster your metabolism will be, and your genetics.

Occasionally, medical problems like hypothyroidism or other hormone deficiency can also slow down your metabolism.

Accelerating your “engine”
While there are factors that can make it difficult to modify there are some ways to speed up your daily calorie burning. The best way is to do exercise regularly, which should include aerobic and muscle toning. This will help you keep your metabolic rate stabilize on a long-term basis.

The cells present in muscles burns calories faster than fat cells, even while at rest. Studies show that each kilogram of muscle burns 70 calories per day and each kilogram of fat burns only four calories per day.

Although 30 minutes of aerobic exercises burns more calories than 30 minutes of muscle toning, but after your work out your muscles will be responsible for sustaining metabolic increase. In other words, having more muscle means you can eat more and gain less weight.
Eat more often and burn calories faster.

The more often you eat, the faster you’ll burn calories. Smaller, more frequent portions help keep your metabolism always on alert. The opposite is also true. If you spend many hours without eating or you skip meals your metabolism becomes very slow attempting to save energy.

Another important factor is that people who snack between meals tend to eat smaller amounts during lunch and dinner, which leads to a significant decrease in the amount of calories consumed each day resulting in an increased metabolic rate and a decrease in body fat.

Foods that accelerate calorie burning
Proteins require about 30 % more energy to digest. So, in theory, snacks rich in protein are best, but nothing concrete has been discovered about foods that help burn calories.

Some items like red pepper and green tea have properties that accelerate your metabolic rate after 30 minutes, but these benefits are not sufficient to generate a significant weight loss. In summary, there’s nothing better to speed up your metabolism than to increase your muscle mass, eat a foods rich in protein, and eat lower amounts more often.

There is no use in running away from exercise it’s very good for your health. What type of exercise you do and like the most? Have you seen any results from your workouts? Your comments might encourage someone today.

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