Assistants, watch that lying tongue!

Viviane Freitas

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Assistants, watch that lying tongue!

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  • 2013

Proverbs 6:16-19

“These six things the Lord hates,
Yes, seven are an abomination to Him: A proud look,
A lying tongue,
Hands that shed innocent blood, a heart that devises wicked plans,
Feet that are swift in running to evil, a false witness who speaks lies,
and one who sows discord among brethren.”

As a continuation to last week’s article, where we talked about the proud look, today, we’ll talk about something else God hates- a lying tongue. After all, what is behind this tiny member when used to tell a lie?

Our tongue is already dangerous and needs to be dominated all the time because from it can precede a blessing or a curse. So, we must pay very close attention as to what comes out of it. There is an absolute need to be aware of that, in the sense that, once words are spoken they can’t be taken back or erased. Once they are spoken whatever was said is already done! And the effects of it can be irreparable.

But according to what is written, God abhors a lying tongue. It shows lack of fear of God lack of compromise. It only cares for its intentions and interests.

Notice that everyone who lies does it with some sort of intention. Most say they do it with good intentions, but it will always still lead to serious consequences.
There is something very serious behind a lying tongue- deceit. It can deceive insightfully as if it were the truth.

I see and understand that a lying tongue is not evident and won’t declare itself, on the contrary, it always has well built, well planned, serene, calm and very gentle words. However, it contains a deadly poison, which finishes with the very person who it makes use of.

It is important that each assistant makes a meticulous examination. Like if you take your reason from within you and in a conscious way examine if very deep down if you have or are angering God with this behavior -a lying tongue.

I’ll leave here some very common examples of who has a lying tongue:

– She will not speak the whole truth, but only half of the truth, always hiding something because she is afraid of being reprimanded.
– She omits facts, when asked, for example, “How’s your love life?” or “Do you like someone?” She hides a feeling she has, or sometimes even that she is secretly involved in a relationship that she knows it’s not good. Otherwise, she wouldn’t hide it.
– She will present something to the pastor that she didn’t do and receive a compliment that shouldn’t be for her. She doesn’t have the character to say she wasn’t the one who did it.
– She makes it seem like if she has grown in a certain responsibility, sometimes unfairly, just to be well regarded.
– There may also be those who don’t assume their faith before their boss, family, schoolmates, so that they aren’t persecuted.
– Another example is that they don’t recognize their errors. That’s also a lie.

And there are other examples, we I’m sure the Holy Spirit will reveal to you when you analyze yourself.

Once Bishop Julio Freitas asked: “What is harder?” “To tell a lie or to tell the truth?” The immediate response was: “To tell the truth.” Bishop went on to say that this is the thought that the devil wants to instill in people in order to dirty their conscience. Deep down, lying demands much more from you because it makes you be in debt. You suffer because you have to keep the lie hidden and you will suffer when the truth comes to light. Worst of all, your salvation will be on alert. Makes you think does not it?

I just want you to remember something: Who is the father of all lies? Do I need to say it?

What is your opinion on this? Did you identify yourself to it?

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  1. i have always found myself speaking half the truth, i therefore examined myself. i will take steps to change.

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  2. I have identified myself in some of the examples and have learned and realised wher I need to change, thank you Mrs Luisa.

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  3. This me

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