Rapid weight fast

Viviane Freitas

  • 8
  • Jan
  • 2014

Rapid weight fast

  • 8
  • Jan
  • 2014

See if you can identify yourself with any of these mistakes committed by those who want to loose weight fast.

1.Extreme dieting
There’s no use in completely abandoning your usual meals for only lettuce and tomato. Eventually you’ll only hate them. A balanced diet must have protein, carbohydrates and believe it or not, fats too!
The combination of these things and nutrients are essential for the body to function properly, experts say that, “low calorie diets only work for a little while because hunger, weakness and unwillingness make you eventually give up”.

2. Eating Fast
It takes the brain15 minutes to register the sensation of being full. Eating fast means eating more in order to feel satisfied. Chew your food well and try to pay attention to the flavors. Your food will taste better and you’ll digest a lot easier.

3. Not eating for long periods of time
One of the biggest mistakes that someone who wants to lose weight usually makes is to omit certain meals and not eating for long periods time.
“When you are fasting the body understands that it needs to save energy and uses less calories. Result: You don’t lose any weight” Not to mention that your body tends to hold on to the calories in your next meals in preparation for the next fast.
Don’t be fooled this type of behavior only increases your desire for sweets and fatty foods! It is a kind of defense mechanism your metabolism activates, storing reserves just in case there is another abstinence of food. Our body is very smart!

4. Cutting carbohydrates
Completely eliminating carbohydrates from your diet used to be a real hit. The result of this “craziness” lasted only a little while because you slim down, but the lack of carbohydrates (energy source) causes a lot of fatigue, leaving you without energy for your regular physical activities. “The absence of carbohydrates can also cause hair loss, weak nails and bad moods.”
Alternative: To eat carbohydrates without ruining your diet, look for options with a low glycemic index, basically they take longer to be digested. Whole grain carbohydrates in small amounts are a better option.

5. Rely only on dieting
The reasoning is simple: Consume calories when eating and burn them with physical activity.
Exercises activate hormones responsible for breaking down the fat and they accelerate the metabolism, that’s why they are recommended for weight loss. A good diet guarantees fat loss, not muscle loss during training. When you focus only on the diet itself, it is difficult to achieve permanent results quickly, therefore find a physical activity that you enjoy.
This is how exercise can become a part of your routine and you won’t feel like exercising is such a sacrifice. Exercising at least three times per week and this will increase your metabolism and burns more calories, and that’s not mentioning an increase in your physical ability.

6. Giving up in the middle of your diet
Wanting immediate results and not reaching them is not a good feeling. So what usually happens is you give up on your diet as if it doesn’t work, and then you have another frustrating attempt to add to your list, proving that dieting does not work.

Dieting should be treated individually and have a professional accompany you for support so that you can clarify any doubts, and understand how the body responds during the weight loss process, without setting impossible goals.
Alternative: Divide your weight loss goals into small stages is a way to see results in little time. For that, you can plan a menu and pay attention to what you eat away from home, including snacks: a cookie, ice cream on your break, or a chocolate bar after hanging up the phone. When you realize it you’ve consumed more calories than you did at lunch.

Setting small goals help you stay motivated and keep true to your diet and also making it part of your routine, which won’t be far from what you’re already used to.

I was able to relate to many of these things. What about you? Next week you’ll have more tips for your health.

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