My testimony

Viviane Freitas

  • 27
  • Nov
  • 2013

My testimony

  • 27
  • Nov
  • 2013

Dear Family,

Hello everyone! I have some news to tell you!

Something that perhaps you might not believe, but that is a living testimony.

This year, in July 2013, Godllywood had a task in which we all had to give an offering in every meeting we attended. This task touched me deeply. Why? Because even though I always gave my offerings regularly I didn’t give it in all the meetings I attended. Let’s say that I gave a good offering for the whole month or did special purposes, but I wouldn’t give my offering in the meeting I would forget because I always left my purse in the office so I don’t have to worry about it during the meeting.

When I received this task I understood what it meant not to be approved by God. It’s incredible! It hurt so much, not because of the money, but because I was a stubborn. I always forgot to take with me what I had said I would give my Lord during the meeting (not on a purpose). I was able to clearly understand what was often preached about in the meetings about having consideration.

Well, I never received a salary of my own because I never worked. I was never really worried about my financial life because it wasn’t one of my life goals. Just having enough to survive was good for me. Our parents never taught us or spoke about our future like our career, money, or profession. So in my head I wanted to have what they have-their God who brought moral principles different than those of the society. Which are liberal but at the same time full of morals.

Once I was born of God and baptized with the Holy Spirit, the fire of God burned inside of me to the point that now I had dreams for the future, which was to be a soul-winner.

Well, you all know all of this, but what happened next?

The unexpected happened this year:

I have always been a person who had her mind set in what I wanted, sometimes even to the point of being hard-headed. I worked intensely without rest because I thought of those people who are lost and because of this I didn’t rest. I Woke up really early, meditated and worked all day non-stop until 10:30pm. Sometimes even until midnight. I even had a work vigil in order to finish what was on my hands to multiply. And it was frustrating. I would do morning meeting because I was doing the 40-day Challenge at that time. My purpose was to make them appreciate and understand how to read the Bible. I cried because the pain was intense. I asked them to help me by helping themselves. I went really deep into their lives.

And in the middle of 2012, I was there, crying and talking to God, asking Him to help me fulfill all the responsibilities I had and still give me time to counsel the afflicted that needed my help. My God, that was suffocating me! I had an immense desire to win souls, but I was so back up with so many responsibilities. I saw the people seeking for answers, and this made me wonder until when will I be in this situation? And I still had the task to complete. That month I had to open up to my sister and tell her the reality of my situation. She counseled me, taught me, etc.

But I still could not resolve my problem.

I spent five weeks in Brazil. During that time God taught me so many things and I was able to caught up with all my duties. I went back to Portugal and there I meet with the wives who were in the Rush to enter Godllywood. But again, everything got disorganized.

In other words, things were resolved for a while, but then it went back to normal.

But what God gave me in November of 2012 was the basis for a lot of things. In 2013, I was able to complete many things, but it still wasn’t the answer that I was looking for, the one that was still screaming inside me.

Which was the desire to win souls.

I did a meeting called LER for selected wives so they can grow and develop. This meeting was for leaders of countries, State and Regionals, but there were also head wives. At this meeting I stressed on how she can be useful in the church. Each week I spoke on a specific topic and on how to expand the work of God.

The results were great. The wives began to understand their true role in the church. Their minds were opened.

In August of 2013, my mind was exhausted. I couldn’t think. I had to have complete silence in order for me to work. I took vitamins because the situation I was going through was chaotic. All this made me very sensitive and sentimental.

During this time, what kept me going was my clear conscious of who I am before God and who He is to me. Nothing made me fear or doubt this. You’re life with God is the base of everything especially when you are going through hard times.

So… I got a secretary, which I also gave up in this crucial time because I BELIEVED in God’s promises.

In the time I was in most need God told me: Give … and make disciples. You will have your secretary. You will learn how to invest. You will have to work, in other words “struggle” because it won’t be given to you on a silver platter. You have to bring into existence what doesn’t yet exist. Because you’re in need your faith becomes activate.

So I did it and my soul became at peace. At that moment I was completely sure. I can’t deny that I heard the voice of need, but I decided to obey God.

Ok. Until then nothing.

At the end of August, I began to have a mind that was not my own. I started having ideas on how to organize myself. I had a new vision, and plans that I had never had before in my entire life! All this happened even though my mind was still at a delicate state because of stress, and mental fatigue.


Since then I began to see my work go forward.
In that short time I did what in 3 ½ years I couldn’t do.
I saw what was right before my eyes and couldn’t see before!
My vision expanded in a big way.
The mind was working so fast that I had to run in order to bring everything into existence.
And my work began to flow.

Just like the testimonies we hear in church!

My God! I was able to multiply the talents He has given me!

All this was because I started preparing my offering beforehand.
Today, I ‘m not foolish or undisciplined when it comes to honoring God.
I give with joy and pleasure because I want to be disciplined for the God who saved and redeemed me.
He deserves the best.

Today, I have time for everything and even enough to spare!
In two months I counseled all the leader’s wives.
I am currently counseling the wives in Portugal in Godllywood.

The counseling is more effective and more efficient now.

I’ve always had trouble remembering, but today this doesn’t control my life. The offering opened my paths.

Through our offering we can see the opportunity in front of us. Things that were already before my eyes, but I didn’t see.
The offering gives you ideas!
The offering teaches you how to invest!
The offering is a bridge to your Lord.
The offering is a partnership with God in love and faith!

Thank you God for teaching me to invest in myself!
Thank you Cristiane Cardoso for your inspirations!
Thank you Daddy for implanted the Spirit of the Living Church within us through the Holy Spirit.
Thank you mommy because the offering was a basic teaching in all my childhood. You give a lot, my very beautiful mother!

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5 comentários

  1. Thank you for your testimony it shows that we can’t do everything by our self and we can’t do anything without God help thanks kisses

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  2. WOW that was a breath of fresh air, at the moment i am going through a situation that I don’t have time for anything; i struggle to do my daily duties,i just about about have time for my weekly responsibilities. There is so many deadlines, I don’t have a ‘me time’. theres always a lot todo, i am overwhemed, the worse of all I struggle to make time to save souls! – reading the bible and talking to God is not quite the same, the only time i really get to do that is in church.

    Reading this post inhaled in me light and renewed my vision.
    Right now i am going to stop doing what I’m doing, i will have an earlier night and start fresh tomorrow by dedicating my first hour to hear what My Heavenly Father has to say xx


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  3. Hello Mrs. Viviane,

    Thank you for this message. I will keep this post in mind.

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  4. Blessed is the womb that bore you and Dona Cris,you are true inspiration to all of us,thank you for sharing your life with us even the downfalls you still share.Its true that offering speaks volumes and open doors if done in the correct manner.You are very beautiful Dona Vivi*kisses*

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  5. Dear Mrs Vivian
    Thank you for sharing your testimony with us , it is very helpful regarding giving, it is true when we give we receive as God said.

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