How to start good new habits

Viviane Freitas

  • 27
  • Nov
  • 2013

How to start good new habits

  • 27
  • Nov
  • 2013

In order to acquire new good habits you’re required to have discipline, perseverance, and to change, which normally people don’t really like to do.

We like to try new things, yes, but change not always. Do you know why?

It’s because change requires effort, to get out of your comfort zone, perseverance, hard work and to have a lot of self-discipline.

Discipline is something inside of you that makes it easier to fulfill your obligations. It is self-control and the ability to use your personal freedom. That is, the ability to act freely by overcoming the internal and external conditions that arise daily.

We were each raised and disciplined differently, that’s why we have different tastes and our parent’s habits had a great influenced in all of this. Whether you have good or bad habits, they only became habits when you repeat that same behavior daily.

A person’s day consist of the habits they have acquired through out their life and to change the bad ones isn’t as simple as taking your shirt off and throwing it away, because they are part of who we are. But we can replace them by practicing and repeating good habits! After all, we won’t see any results if we continue to do both the good and the bad ones. It’s like mixing dirty water with clean water. The dirty water will contaminate the clean one.

Here is a short list of good daily habits for your health:

1. Eat at least 5 servings of fruits or vegetables per day, for example:

         Breakfast – fruit juice

         A morning snack – apple

         Lunch – Salad

         Afternoon snack – a banana

         Dinner – Vegetable cream


2. Eat every 3 hours

3. Eat 3 servings of lactose or milk derivatives – Milk (preferably soy), yogurt and cheese (ricotta, mozzarella, etc.)

4. Drink 1-½ liters of water daily

5. Exercise at least 3x per week for 30 minutes (beginners)

Well, I’ll stop here so I won’t scare you off. If you acquire the habits on this list you will begin to have and see a big difference in your life.

Think about how much pleasure and satisfaction you’ll get out of acquiring good new habits. Consider establishing new habits in other areas of your life as well, like waking up early, getting to your appointments on time, reading, making time to dress up, learning something new, helping others, etc.

First we must establish a new good habit and persevere in it by practicing it (remember repetition is key). At first it’s not easy, but with time it becomes part of us. Then, these new habits will changes us and only then will we see its fruits in our life.

I think we all want to persevere in having good habits. How about leaving us your comment and telling us what good habits you have?

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* The information contained in this blog is not for individual purposes. It’s not a substitute for regular health care. Always consult your physician regarding your health and nutrition.

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