Maxi Earrings

Viviane Freitas

  • 5
  • Nov
  • 2013

Maxi Earrings

  • 5
  • Nov
  • 2013

You can find this accessory in a wide range of detailed structures of metal, stones, and shiny stones.

With various shapes and sizes. Maxi earrings are available for everyone to use without age restriction.

Simply choose the style you like. There are ones to suit every taste.
If you are one of those people who take a while to get used to these modern styles, then the solution is to start slowly. Replace your old stud earring for ones that hang just a little then choose one that hangs a little longer and then you can go for the maxi earrings. They’re gorgeous!!
Another important tip is for you not to go overboard with maxi jewelry. Even though maxi necklaces are still in fashion don’t go use them together with maxi earrings and a large bracelet. Use one piece at a time. The best way to find your type of accessory and to get used to it is to start with the maxi earrings.
Maxi earrings look great on women with long necks because it makes their face stand out more and further lengthen their silhouette. Those who don’t have long necks should try to use simpler designs. Be careful with the clothes you choose to wear with them, try not to wear blouses that give the neck volume like a turtleneck. Other wise you won’t be able to show the earring’s true beauty.
Match you earrings according to your face size. Women with small faces shouldn’t wear large earring so they don’t run the risk of making their face appear smaller. Women with medium to large faces can wear larger earrings.
Choose maxi earrings that go with your style:

Maxi styles are here to stay! There are maxi necklaces, maxi bags and since the last few seasons we’ve seen maxi earrings, which go well in the summer and winter seasons too.

I don’t know if you’ve noticed but the latest trends in clothes are very basic, therefore, we can wear a nice accessory and a great pair of earrings that will highlight and enhance your face. That will make a big difference.
But everything that is a maxi style should be used with caution. Many people have questions when it comes to that style. Does it look good on me? Can I use it with a necklace too? Is it just for younger women? Is it for night or day?
These type of earrings look good in younger women as well as in more mature women.
They can be used in a more basic look or in a more sophisticated look, as long as there is harmony in your outfit. In most cases an evening dress does not need many accessories since it is the main piece.
Since this accessory draws most of the attention the secret is to create a balance with a more basic blouses. The trick is to find earrings that will go with the size and shape of your face and neck.

Some important tips:

Note where the widest part of your face and jaw line is to determine the effect the earring will give and so you can choose the right one.

A round shaped face goes good with a longer and pointer earrings. Avoid very round and full ones.

Square shaped faces go well with medium sized earrings. Round and triangular shaped ones are great for this face shape. Be careful so that the base of the earrings doesn’t draw attention to the jaw line or add width to the face.

A diamond or heart shape face go well with triangular, or oval hoops, with a wider base so it can add volume at the chin.

The hexagonal and oval shaped faces can wear almost anything as long as they are proportionate to the size of the face.

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