Manipulated  youth

Viviane Freitas

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  • Feb
  • 2014

Manipulated youth

  • 3
  • Feb
  • 2014

Every Sunday in the afternoon, we participate in the “Youth Talk” and we do not mince our words.

In this talk, we discuss different issues and the girls have the opportunity to ask their doubts and tell us about their experiences.

Last Sunday, a girl told us a little about her story. So, I decided to write about it because, maybe you are going through the same situation:

She had a boyfriend who would think he was the best: He was the most intelligent, the most capable, etc. I mean, he thought he was “the king of the world”, like a “coke in the desert”.

He put her down all the time. He used to tell her that she was not able to do anything without him. He made her felt that she needed him for everything.

The worst thing was that she believed everything he told her. His words were a law for her and she obeyed him without question. It was incredible!

It was in that situation that she came to the church and we started to help her. He came too. What’s more, he said he was God because of he knew everything that was written in the Bible and he also came to the church. As lots of things he did were based on the Bible, she trusted him.

They lived a lot of years in the same situation: She was manipulated. Although she heard our piece of advice, she was unable to think by herself and could not take a decision alone.

After much struggle, her eyes were opened and she began to see a lot of wrong things that he did. Moreover, he went out with other girls apart from her. I mean: If somebody has a boyfriend like that, do you think that she needs enemies?

Today, she is happy and successful in her love life. She has a man by her side, who loves and appreciates her.

But why? Because she decided to love herself first.

And this is what happens to most young girls nowadays: They do not love themselves.

They think nobody will love them. They choose to be with boys who make them suffer like the one I’ve just mentioned.

They spend several years of their lives being manipulated: slaves. That’s the right word: SLAVES!

And who knows, maybe you are one of them…

Yes! You who are reading this article now. Maybe, you are not being manipulated by a boyfriend but you are being manipulated by other situations.

So, it is time to wake up, give a stop and be yourself: You need to have your own opinion!


You do not need that someone appreciate you. You have to love yourself because God appreciated you since a long time ago when He died for you on the cross.

Kind regards!

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