Assistant: How is your counseling?

Viviane Freitas

  • 5
  • Feb
  • 2014

Assistant : How is your counseling?

  • 5
  • Feb
  • 2014

Today I will alert you on how to counsel the people in the church.

We have observed that many are counseling in a mechanical way, thinking that they are being friendly and nice, but that is a mistake!

I also speak for myself, because I recognize that I too have counseled people in a bland and repetitive manner, with the usual words: “Be firm … God will honor you! Everything is possible! Do your part and God will do His, and blah, blah, blah. ”

This type of counseling is done without direction, without strength, without the courage to awaken that person and make them change their life. It only shows that there is no focus.

Many people stumble within the church, their lives never revolutionize and worse of all, God’s servants are not aware of it and aren’t ready to go into the battlefield. This is very appealing to the devil; he rubs his hands with satisfaction because of this.

In the last article I mentioned about the need to do God’s work with strategy, setting goals, and when it comes to counseling it’s no different!

Remember, my dear assistant, you were called to prepare strong people for your God. You were saved in order to save others! Analyze meticulously how you’ve been counseling people. Ask yourself if there have been any results in the lives of those who have been counseled by you.

When you counsel someone you must give yourself entirely on a deep level. Notice how Jesus treated the people’s wounds: He went right to the point, to the root of the problem. He didn’t beat around the bush or use meek words quite the contrary, He was direct and sincere.

However, it should be clear that there needs to be a balance, because being up front doesn’t mean being brutal, rude, or harsh with the people.

Let’s cause chaos in hell! One of the best ways to do this is by investing on the way you’re counseling people. But, don’t forget that you need to be in a good relationship with God.

Now, I will leave here some tips, which from experience may be useful:

LISTEN: Learn to listen, because it is one of the main things you need to do in order to know how to counsel someone. Do not see the superficial problem, but rather look for the root, so that no scars remain in their lives.
Spend QUALITY time: If you’re not willing to listen, invest your time, then you won’t be able to counsel someone. The correct counseling can make all the difference in someone’s life, but that doesn’t happen when you are hasty and careless.
BE UPFRONT: You may neither have another chance to help that person, tell them the truth so they can be set free.

What do you think? Have you ever stopped to think about this topic?

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4 comentários

  1. Thank you Mrs Vivi for the advise, I myself found that at times I would counsel someone in a hasty manner, especially when I see someone who is new in the church the joy of seeing that person would lead me to want to speak to her, I would speak and find that I run out of things to say yet just wanting to continue speaking to them in the hope of them to desire to come back again, today I have learned that the most important thing is for me to allow them to speak and for me to listen and be straight so that they may receive true help.

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  2. How is your counselling?

    Hello, and thank you Mrs Vivian!

    This is one of the core subjects I think because, people come to us looking for help and most of time we are the last place they come to expecting to be helped, and mostly they do not know the truth and its our duty to give them the truth, This piece of information have been very helpful to me.

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  3. This is true Mrs. Vivi and Mrs. Luisa. I realized that I have been counseling in a mechanical way, I thought that If I wasn’t “nice” to the person, they will go and not come back!!
    But now that I know what to do, I will tell them the truth because as the bible says, and you also mentioned that the truth will set them free!!

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  4. Thank you very much Mr vivi for this helpful advice and tips concerning this topic.Yes its true that most of the time i might be,one of the others who just do for the sake of doing councelling giving the same word i use to give but, “because of this topic im going examine myself where im standing?And im going to use these listed tips useful and above all to renew my relationship with my God. Thank you so much.

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