Learning and Teaching

Josiane Boccoli

  • 19
  • Jun
  • 2015

Learning and Teaching

  • 19
  • Jun
  • 2015

Whenever we travel, I show my son videos on the Internet of the place where we are going, photos of the people with whom we are going to stay, letting him know what we will be doing the days that we will be there, etc.… everything to prevent him from getting stressed with the changes and from becoming anxious.

But for the first time, we traveled this week without knowing many details, we didn’t know where we would be, with whom we would be with, how would our day be like and if we would have time to wander around with him or not. We only knew our destination. With that, I couldn’t prepare my son as I always do and I confess that this lack of information stirred me up too, because I always like to organize myself.

With so many unknowns, I decided to pray, after all, I didn’t know how our day would be, but God knew! For the first time, I decided to teach Gabi to trust his days in God; we prayed together, I explained to him that we would travel without knowing anything, but that if we trusted that our Lord, who knows our heart and all our needs, will take care of everything, so He would, and that we could not even do what we wished, but that they would be perfect days!

And together we said “Amen! We believe!”

We trusted, we weren’t anxious for anything and every time we were faced with a question about: “What are we going to do after?” We looked at each other and we remembered to trust that God was in control.

After all, isn’t that what the Lord Jesus did with us?

He said to us:

“Do not be anxious for tomorrow.” (Mt.6: 34)

I learned that we can help our children to organize their days and prepare them for certain situations which likely will happen, being so they will have better and organized days; however, if we teach them to surrender their days, their anxieties and their plans to God, trusting that

He will do everything in the best way, they will be more than an organized person—they will be dependent of the Most High!

Our days were like so, perfect. From our departure to our arrival, we saw God in everything, and we are grateful for this learning experience.

Lesson learned, I decided to pray with my son every day, teaching him to surrender his day and to put his trust in God.

How about you do the same?

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  1. Thanks ,many times i worry myself a lot, we learn everyday ,thanks again

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