Curls and waves

Cláudia Boeno

  • 20
  • Jun
  • 2015

Curls and waves

  • 20
  • Jun
  • 2015

Hello girls,

I have seen many friends of mine embrace their curls and leave their hair natural. They took out their “hair extensions” and they look rather radiant and beautiful! I can’t stop complimenting them and they were my inspiration for this post.

Did you know that there are over 200 types of curly hair? No?

Me neither… LOL But wait! We won’t talk about all the 200 types of curly hair. According to the experts, Denis and Lorraine, we can place curly hair into four categories:

Type 1: Wavy hair


They are soft waves where the amount of curl varies with the length of the hair, the waves are in the shape of “S” and easy to comb.

Layered cut is the best haircut for this type of hair to enhance the waves.

cabelo ondulado 2b

You can’t go without the following products:
A shampoo with moisturizing properties
A conditioner with moisturizing properties
A curl activator
A mousse with soft hold
A repairing serum for split ends and anti-frizz
A hydrating hair mask

Curly hair type 2:

Cabelo ondulado 2

The “S” shape is well defined and springs up; it is soft and very nice to touch. There are subdivisions in each curl, and the strands are not as shiny as straight or wavy hair, because it
doesn’t have a smooth surface the light doesn’t fully reflect on it.

While wet it’s usually neat and when it dries it shrinks back to become curlier.

In addition to the products mentioned above you should also include:
A reconstruction mask
A vegetable oil to hydrate your hair such as coconut oil

Type 3 curly hair:

cabelo crespo 3b

This type of hair is the typical “spiral”. The level of curls depends on how it is treated, each curl varies greatly from cluster to cluster but the curls are “tight” and begin to curl at the root.

The widths of the curls vary from the width of a thin curling iron to the width of a pencil.

The curls are well defined and don’t undo easily and are difficult to straighten. Generally they tend to be dry, and therefore require special care.

Hydration is essential to maintain the beauty and health of this type of hair. For this type of hair hydration is a must.

Type 4: Afro hair


If your curls are super tight and the width of a straw you have type 4 hair.
This type of hair appears to be thick, but is rather thin and with many strands together.

It usually doesn’t have shine, but has it’s own type of shine.

If it’s well taken care of, Afro hair is soft to the touch and silkier rather than shiny.
Many women with this type of hair use many chemicals like relaxation, permanent and straightening, and end up damaging them even more. That’s the importance of hydrating your hair weekly. The products for this type of hair are the same as the curly type.

It’s a shame that many women resort to straightening rather than enjoying the beauty of these curls. With so many different types curly hair, the treatments could not be the same.

For each type of curl there is a type of haircut and a specific treatments.

We can get deeper into this subject, what do you think girls? Did you like it?

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  1. i personally like curls, the type 2 kind..thank you
    @Juliet i think leaving it down is nicer so that the curls can show clearly because the bun doesn’t reveal them much

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  2. This is great. I have curly hair and always wear it in a bun because i dont know what to do with it. This is a start thank you

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