Faith – How far does it go?

Viviane Freitas

  • 19
  • Jun
  • 2015

Faith – How far does it go?

  • 19
  • Jun
  • 2015

Hello to all cybernauts!

It is a pleasure to be here with you these past weeks speaking about faith. And it is through it that we are saved and because of faith that we remain so. If faith didn’t exist, there wouldn’t be any conviction, certainty, or assurance.

And you may ask: “Viviane, I have faith in God, but there are moments were I feel insecure, where I am afraid… I don’t know what to do for me to get rid of it from my life!”

Cybernaut, we have approached every week here on the Blog, the subject of faith, so that you may have the chance to evaluate your own life. And from what you comment, it testifies that your relationship with God is weak. When it is strong there exists certainty…security.

In the book of Hebrews 11:21, let’s read about Jacob…

By faith Jacob, when he was dying, blessed each of Joseph’s sons, and worshiped as he leaned on the top of his staff.

Reflect on this… Who takes attitude for someone else? Who would do this, if not the one who knows the authority they possess in their hands, the power that they own.

Do you know Jacob’s story? That he fought against an angel and for this very reason, God changed his name from Jacob to Israel? When he blessed Joseph’s children, he recognized that his relationship with God wasn’t something fleeting, but it developed to the point that he recognized his authority.

Joseph was used by God, but Jacob did not stop believing in his own authority and that is why he blessed Joseph.

And that is exactly how it is with those who have a relationship with God. When this doesn’t exist or is something fleeting, in other words, depending on circumstances, then it weakens your faith and your dependency in God, and consequently you don’t use your authority. As a result, you don’t bless those who you could bless.

Something interesting that did catch my attention, is that when Jacob praised God, he adored Him because he was able to use that authority.

My fellow cybernaut friend, this happens when you are resolved in your faith. And I ask: “When am I resolved in my faith?”

When you don’t fear confronting your pride, you develop your faith and you are not ashamed to learn, to be humble, to submit; that is when you don’t fear starting over. Why? Because you are resolved, you don’t wait for the approval of “others”, you only depend on God and that relationship is so strong, so strong, that you don’t worry! You know the authority that you have in your words, its within your grasp, and you also know the God that you profess and believe in! You didn’t just have a relationship with Him many years ago, no, but you are continuously, with every minute, month after month, year after year, developing and giving testimony and relating your experiences with God. That is what it means to be “in tune” to Him.

In the book of Hebrews, where we have referencing every week about faith that is not only to gain but to establish and define your faith as well! That is essential!

For example, you marry but aren’t defined in your marriage. You are baptized with the Holy Spirit but don’t have definition in your relationship with God. You are a member of the church, but your relationship with God is momentary; you are all animated to speak about Jesus when you are around your friends but when you are alone or evangelizing you are limited, there doesn’t exist any novelty in your life… why? There are no benefits in your faith. You evangelize to exercise your faith, but the same thing, nothing new happens.

Don’t allow the end of your life to come, and when you are close to passing, in your old age, to bless or to praise God! Because your opportune moments have already passed, they happened years ago.

I would like that you reflect on your faith, in your relationship with God; don’t be afraid to discover the truth, because once you do that is the moment to resolve it, and do not feel humiliated.

And you keep thinking: “But, Viviane, it is so difficult to discover our errors!” Yes! But to confront the errors, for those that are resolved, is the solution, because it is an opportunity, and they do not want to remain stagnant in their faith. You know the “flavor” of what it means to depend on God, having a relationship with Him; you know the “taste” of what it means to be flexible, humble, of obedience, of learning because you want to continually use your faith in that way.

I want to leave you ladies with a big hug, all of you who are participating here in this Blog!

I would like it if you could write your make, the city that you are in, and that you respond with your comments the following question: “How is your faith?” Be honest, don’t be ashamed to admit it.

The Lord Jesus said:

“Whoever acknowledges me before man, I will also acknowledge before my Father in heaven.” (Matthews 10:32)

Are you ashamed in assuming Jesus, and think that you belong to Him? No! It is speaking your beliefs, your discoveries, speaking about what you you achieved. Assume Him! Be resolved! It is not something shameful, and there is no one here among us who has not committed mistakes; we all have committed errors. There are those who err but fix it, and there are those who hide their mistakes. You are the one that decides!

A big hug and until next week…

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  1. Thanks a lot
    This was a lesson to me. I am resolved.

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  2. God gave us authority to do great things through faith,obedience and humbless.

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  3. Faith – How far does it go?

    Beverley Gardener
    Faith is exercised and goes all the way without wavering, it has a strong conviction, assurance and certainty and is not afraid of speaking truth; it is followed by authority and power with great evidence of the thing hoped for.

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  4. Thank you Mrs Viviane, its true that to be honest about where we need to change its something hard but I’m resolved to become a better me and its start with confronfonting my pride with sincerity.


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