Insecurity: A bottomless pit

Josiane Boccoli

  • 7
  • Aug
  • 2015

Insecurity : A bottomless pit

  • 7
  • Aug
  • 2015

What else can make a child feel confident, than a mother who supports him in everything?

When this happens, it’s as if the child had a jet on his back that propels him! It makes him feel powerful, strong, confident in himself, because he knows that whatever the outcome is, his mother believes in him and that’s enough!

On the other hand, how would a child who realizes that his mother is ashamed of him, that is afraid of him making mistakes or even not supporting him be? Surely this child will not grow as he should, and this was Gabriel.

My insecurity was fully passed on to him, this evil feeling that always made me feel like I was facing an abyss, it only made me fall and take him along with me.

At first, I feared that he would make a mistake, then I would feel insecure, my son would notice this, and would get lost with me … and then there was sure to be problems!

That’s how the devil would work in our lives, in a vicious and very painful cycle.

Today, I write to you to say that I decided not to fear anymore. I have chosen to tell myself that I am strong and could overcome this bad feeling…I fought against it, I hated it, I sought strength in God and together “we covered” the abyss. I decided to believe in me and in my son.

I changed uncertainty for certainty, I changed doubt for faith, and through it—I fought, I changed and I won, I set foot on dry land to make me the person I am and the mother that my son needed for me to be.

It was a decision, to no longer be the anchor and become the trampoline for Gabi.

Mom friend, every human being in order to have assurance needs support, this support during childhood will be the key to growing up with a structured life. Now I ask you: how will an insecure mother be able to pass confidence to her child? Where there is uncertainty, there is a lack of certainty, which is lack of faith.

Do not let another day pass by being guided by this feeling, make a comeback! A mother sure of herself is strong and passes to her child the Spirit of Fortress, which is a gift of God, and builds in him an unshakable foundation.

Be the mother that your child needs.

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