Breaking down walls

Viviane Freitas

  • 7
  • Aug
  • 2015

Breaking down walls

  • 7
  • Aug
  • 2015

Hello to all cybernauts!

It is more than a pleasure to be here with you. Today is the twentieth week that we have been speaking about faith…

Continuing speaking on that faith that brings results: to have it you need to also have certain attitudes.

Verify in the book of Hebrews 11:30:

“By faith the walls of Jericho fell, after the army had marched around them for seven days.”

Why where the walls destroyed and fallen? Because the people obeyed the Word of God! When God asked them to march around the walls for 7 days, there was no “apparent” logic to do so…

And this is what sometimes happens with your faith. There exists things that, “apparently”, for other people, don’t have logic: The fact of doing a purpose: taking an attitude in favor of some conquest, by what was put by God inside of you.

When we put something inside of us, there is certainty, a conviction, it is not based on anyone else’s incentives! 

When there exists that obedience on our part, the Voice of God, it is because we are secure! Certain that it came from Him. When there is no obedience, it can be due to the fact that we think that we have more reason than God Himself. We look at the obstacles, at the walls around us… And for that motive, many times we do not achieve anything, in relation to those who profess to have faith, but deep down there is none. Their attitudes prove as such.

I found it very interesting in these past few days, in Bishop Macedo’s blog, where he spoke about the Kingdom of God, the evidence of His existence. When the Kingdom of God exists in you, there is peace, there is certainty; that joy is a piece of God! Begin to reflect what it is that you will live for eternity. Faith is that “little piece of eternity” within us, and when we have it, we are not influenced by feelings, obstacles: the walls. And so we assume that strength, joy, and peace. If you look at the circumstance, you will not enjoy those qualities because the circumstance do not confer certainty.

When you are “connected” to that Voice that comes from God inside of you, which isn’t dependent on anyone, there is no need for others to encourage you with something that you are already going to conquer. This faith is what allows you to obey and have the strength to practice what God has asked you.

In this case, the people had to circle the walls for seven days for the walls to fall. And that is how it is when it comes to our part… your part! Attitude! But they must be attitudes towards what you want to win, because if you’re looking  to something that it is not God’s promise, for example, to your ego, to your vanity, to your glory, then it is not based on what God promised or on Promised Land. Because that is not the Kingdom of God! His Kingdom is one that is “connected” to His promises.

My cybernaut friend, evaluate very closely your faith, because you’re just as likely to have  an intelligent faith, as you are to have an emotional faith that confuses emotion, something egocentric, which is just for you and not for the glory of God.

I hope you understood this “little piece”, but faith has no explanations… Faith is certainty! If you have doubts in this moment, head down, agonizing, full of uncertainty…. It is best that you search for this oil that gives life, that illuminates, that which makes you overcome barriers.

And you ask me: “How do I do this, Viviane?” and I say, “Go buy it!”
And you still ask me: “What? Buy it?”

Go after it! Speak to God, speak to Him! Tell Him: “Look God, I am full of doubts, full of emotions… I don’t want these walls to make me act based on my emotions, an emotional faith, full of insecurities. I want what the Lord has promised, Your Promises!…”

When you are sincere, truthful, and you look at the Promises, then my cybernaut friend, you see what you have to obey, what has to be done! And that is what God expects from you, so that you will be able to reach His Promise.

A big hug! See you next week.

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  1. i should always obey God word and never question his word.

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  2. I understand that with faith, I can only overcome when I obey the word of God. Most of the time that is what faith requires. It requires we do exactly what God says in order to materialise the promises of God.

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  3. Thank you Mrs vivi
    I see that in order for me to see the results of my faith I should obey everything that God says without questioning and I will see the results.

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  4. Hello
    Thank you for this post for it has helped me a lot. I relate to this because I admit that my faith has been of emotions. And I no longer want that in my life. I will continue to fight everyday to have Jesus is me and got this old person (me) to die.

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  5. For sure, faith is not based on emotions, but obedience. With thus attitude , nothing can withstand and for me; I have to continue using this attitude of obedience by acting my faith so that God’s Will may always be done in me. Thank you.

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