How to wear a denim shirt

Carina Bravo

  • 8
  • Aug
  • 2015

How to wear a denim shirt

  • 8
  • Aug
  • 2015

Hello everyone, it’s so wonderful to be able to help each of you with beauty tips! This week we will learn how to wear a denim shirt.

Before choosing complements for your look, you need to know that you can wear a denim shirt in at least 3 ways: buttoned, unbuttoned or tied with a knot. That way you can have more style in your daily looks.

An unbuttoned shirt complements the look and is used as a third layer, putting a final touch to a conventional look.


Another widely used way to use this shirt is buttoned up; it can be all the way up or leave some buttons unbuttoned. This way it will be an important part of the look, when combined with modern and colorful accessories it will be super fashionable.

Finally, you can try something fun like tie a knot at the waistline, which will give your look a more casual look.

An important tip: when buying your shirt pay attention to the size, it should not be too tight; it should be worn loosely, and the length of the sleeves should be above your wrists, elongating the silhouette so you have the perfect fit.

A denim shirt with a skirt – Wear it with a skirt that has a fabric that flows, like a skirt with layers or ruffles. Its perfect, creating that romantic look. If the skirt is lace or with print it will look great with perfect harmony and very charming. Finish the look with a thin belt and a beautiful sandal or an ankle boot.

saia-midi-1 jeans

Denim shirt with jeans – Well, if the question is whether you can wear a denim shirt with jeans the answer is YES, but of course they need to be different washes, so they don’t look identical. In fact, I prefer to wear colored pants, or even print.


Denim shirt with a dress or jumpsuit – For a look with character and out of the ordinary, use your favorite dress or jumpsuit with a denim shirt over unbuttoned or tied. If you want, you can use a belt to mark the waist. That way, your dress gets a new look without spending anything. If you have not got a denim shirt in your wardrobe yet, buy one; you will see that you will not regret it.

See the looks below:



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