I ran to the altar by leaps and bounds

Josiane Boccoli

  • 3
  • Jul
  • 2015

I ran to the altar by leaps and bounds

  • 3
  • Jul
  • 2015

In the midst of a Campaign of Israel, I found myself in a desperate situation. My son of only four years could not evacuate, imagine a child with a swollen belly, gut full of feces and gases, screaming and rolling around in pain and nothing could come out? He would sweat of so much pain, we tried to help him in every way, until we would have to go to the hospital, they would cleanse him and we would go back home. We passed through this several times and no one had discovered what caused this obstruction. Moreover, there were the daytime and evening nervous breakdowns, followed by several problems, but we didn’t know what he had.

It was the worst phase of my life; there were days and nights without sleep, an uncontrollable child and a stressed marriage because of this situation.

Faced with this situation, I saw on the Altar my chance to change, we couldn’t stand it anymore, we wanted to know what our son really had and no one could discover it, neither in Brazil nor in Israel.

We made a vow; we fulfilled it and were faithful.

The same week, there was Gabi again rolling in pain and this time in the church, in a meeting on a Sunday morning—it was the “last straw”!

After the meeting was over, I asked for the pastor’s permission and went to the Altar with my son, there I cried out!!! I had already sacrificed, but something was still missing, I laid Gabi on the altar and praying I said to God:

“The only thing that is left for me now is my wedding band, it’s what is most valuable at this time and I will give it here and now! It’s ALL of me for ALL of the Lord, I can’t stand it any longer, I want my answer, I want to know what my son really has, and now! “

I took my wedding band, which was something I really liked, I loved looking at my hand and admiring it, it was designed especially for us and on every year of marriage we would embed a black diamond on it. But I didn’t think twice, in an act of faith—I left it there. I came down from the altar and when I got home I called my husband, I told him what I had done and Gustavo, as always, supporting me in faith, he told me: “I’m with you!” I’ll go right now to church and give mine too—we are in this together. “

From there, I went to the hospital and this time, everything changed!

A new doctor came, examined him, detected the problem, indicated the treatment, and while treating Gabi’s intestines—they discovered the autism in him. The torment that had lasted for years was solved in just one week.

This is the strength of a vow; this is the result of faith in action.

Dear Mommy, whatever is the problem that you’re going through, the real blood shed on the Altar, is able to move mountains and people only to bring the solution to your problem, that is how it was with me, after the perfect sacrifice, everything worked out, all the pieces fell into place and then we could get up and fight, but now knowing what our next target was.

Run to the Altar by leaps and bounds, pour there your ALL, for the All of God and you will not receive just any response, but you will have all your matter solved.

See you there!

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  1. Powerful testimony.. A vow really does perform miracles.. When we sacrifice our all on the Altar, God has no option but to open the door of blessings and bless us.

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