What do you fear?

Viviane Freitas

  • 3
  • Jul
  • 2015

What do you fear?

  • 3
  • Jul
  • 2015

Hello to all cybernauts! It is very gratifying to be here with you, and today, I would like to know: how is your faith?

Every week we have been talking about the same thing… And being right in the middle of the Campaign of Israel, where do you find yourself? Are you in the total dependency of God, looking to your objective or are you distracted? You don’t even know what your sacrifice is and there is this fear, this uneasiness, an instability.

When you’re in the service, your faith becomes alive, but after you forget about everything that you promised yourself. This signifies that you have been an unstable person managed by circumstances.

And why? Because when you want, there comes to exist an objective that focuses your mind to that which you want to achieve, there is no diversions. You are directly connected with that commitment and when this comes to be, there is strength.

I don’t know in what situation you are in at this exact moment, but one thing is for certain, you are revealing who you have been to God. You are giving your testimony to Him, to the devil, and to yourself!

You listen to the messages that speak about faith, you hear about God. And I ask you, “Who are you? Who do you want to be? What are you bringing into existence in your life? Is it something negative, from the world? Or is it positive and feverous in your faith?”

My cybernaut friend, you are the one who defines your faith!

The book of Hebrews 11:23 speaks about the parents of Moses:

“By faith Moses’ parents hid him for three months after he was born, because they saw he was no ordinary child, and they were not afraid of the king’s edict.”

Why were they not afraid? Because when we are in faith, we are decided and resolved, ready to fight for our goal and even though there is a decree, which wants to terrorize and dominate, it is expelled for what we want to achieve.

When there is this definition in your faith, it provokes something amazing! You will see that Moses’ parents had the faith to hide him, they didn’t fear, and what happened? God, later on, “used him” to save and liberate His people from Egypt. But why did Moses exist? Because his parents acted in faith and were not afraid of the king’s decree.

That living faith rescued the Hebrew people who were in the land of Egypt.

God depends on your decision, and if you are the type of person that is vulnerable, fickle, weak in your faith, then He cannot use your life, He cannot do the extraordinary… do you know why? Because there is that rush of indecisiveness, that doubt, and fear!

Permit me to say something: Years ago, during another Campaign of Israel, I heard what was being said about faith, revolt, and sacrifice, and do you what happened to me? I remember exactly what happened… During that time, inside of me, I was living with a very strong emotion; I felt insecure, impotent. And I remember that those feelings would not leave me, it was horrible. All those emotions on high, that sadness of feeling so small, inferior to that which I had to take hold of and to resolve. It is “funny” because even having God, and hearing His Word, I permitted myself to live that way.

Perhaps you ask me, “How did you get out of that situation, Viviane? How do I ‘get out’ when I am so involved with these feelings?”

Get out, when you are not frightened, do not fear to use that “weapon” that you have, give yourself and pour yourself out to God. That is what I did! I made a decision and this changed my prayer.

We already have spoken about prayer in the Blog… I made a defined prayer for the which I wanted, and after, my attitudes were different, my thoughts were turned to what I had as my goal.

And you, my friend? What have been your thoughts? They will tell you what have you been “feeding”. Bad thoughts come and what do you do? Do you let it “nest” in your head or do you expel them and permit the Word of God to be upon any unforeseen event, problem, or difficulty? Do you believe more in His Word than in any difficulty?

When you are like this, there exists belief! And in turn there is no fear. Like Moses’ parents, they created and believed in something, and that is why they didn’t let their son to be killed. They preferred to leave him in the Nile, in other words: “God! The Lord will take care of my son, and he will not die by the king’s decree.”

They hid him and did not deliver him to the commanders, soldiers who worked for the king. What did they do? They put the child in the river.

But couldn’t something unforeseen have happened, some misfortune take place? Where would he go? And if he stopped in Pharaoh’s palace where the princess was bathing? What could happen? He could have died there…

You know what happened? The faith his parents had did not allow them to be afraid, they had the audacity to believe in the impossible! If you believe in the things that you are living, you faith will be unmotivated, “low”, and you won’t give any importance to what you hear of the Word of God, of faith, of revolt, of sacrifice; you won’t care about the message or what God is telling you.

God has a proposal for you, as a Father, and as a child, if you don’t pay attention to what He is saying “because your problems are greater”, than you will not believe or accept His proposal. You won’t give your all to Him. No one is going to do that for you! The pastor won’t resolve your problems, nor your family… the problem won’t resolve itself, and not even by waiting for God to solve it for you.

“But didn’t God promise ’this and that’? ” Yes my cybernaut friend, but for that to happen, you have to conquer, do your part, and manifest your faith! It is not simply to cross your arms and wait for everything to happen. You have to take the right attitudes, in faith! And we what you are approaching here on this blog, is that in faith something always happens, you won’t remain in the same situation or the same conflict.

Notice that the king’s decree did not impose fear or manipulate Moses’ parents. And you? What is the problem that has been manipulating your faith? Don’t allow it to! “Hold on” to His Promises, believe and give your all, depend on Him 100% and you will not regret it.

I await your comments, and I would like to know what is your faith and how has it been? What will you do?

If you decided today, you are determined, you will prove it, not only with words, but with attitude. Next week, I would like it if you wrote here on the blog: “I did what I said and I proposed to live by my faith, to think His Thoughts, to believe in the impossible, to guard the Promises of God and to prioritize them, and my life is different. I am acting in a distinct manner, because I took a different step.”

If this is the case, you will have to wait until next week to write on the blog.

And you already are living this faith, write your comment, I’ll be here to read it.

A big hug and even for the week …

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12 comentários

  1. As you are saying Mrs Viviane talk is cheap but wait until a breaking point comes where you are facing hell, you even ask yourself can God really see my pain? but what will answer me as an individual it is my faith in God that is why our eyes need to change instead of veiwing the problem as it is let your eyes of faith picture it as a blessing already. I am strong in God..

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  2. Good day. Thank you very much for the message. It came at a point in my life when fear was having the best of me, to be honest. I keep on worrying about the same thing. I pray about it but the moment I say ‘Amen’, fear is already there, as though the prayer never existed. I thank you, and I renew my faith right now by believing in God and in my prayers. I choose to act this faith as well, and to cast any thought that says otherwise.

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  3. I understand that in faith, there is no room for fear. We become divisive and are prepared to fight anything that may stand against us. When we have faith we cannot fear things of this world.

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  4. the phrase if you beieve in the things that you are living,your faith will be unmotivated and low caught my attention and i have learnt that to give my all to God i have to hear what he says.

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  5. I learned that I should not allow fear to take control over me because it will make me to be unstable and managed by what surrounds me – I should guard the way I live because it is the one that gives testimony to God, the devil even myself, and at the end someone has to take credit of my action but I am the one to determine if is God or the devil. Living my life wisely pleases God because He will be able to use me in His own accord.

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  6. What an amazing message, fills me with inspiration and belief. It helps to re charge my faith.

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