Learning about another pattern: Paisley patterns

Cláudia Boeno

  • 4
  • Jul
  • 2015

Learning about another pattern : Paisley patterns

  • 4
  • Jul
  • 2015

Last week the inspiration was on a beautiful and always classic black and white patterns so today we will add some color and talk about Paisley patterns, that’s a strange name isn’t?

The reason for this name is that it was named after a city in Scotland, where it was made. It’s actually very, very old! It’s also common in India, it emerged in the seventeenth century on Kashmir scarves and shawls, and the British exported it. It was considered a sophisticated pattern.

In the 70’s it appears as hippie fashion and it came back in 2014 with beautiful bright colors and in more modern models like trousers, shirts, blazers, scarves, shoes, and bathing suits with 2 or 3 colors of the same color pattern.

I am in love with this pattern and how accessible it is, we can take advantage of it now because before we know it the trend will be over. You don’t need to buy a lot of pieces with this pattern, if you get a scarf, a shirt, it will be enough to show that you are in style with this trend. Look at the two photos as an example for a day-to-day look. There are also other examples to inspire you.



Ps. If you have any outfit with this pattern send us a picture and we will post it here for our readers.


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  1. Thanks for the inspirations. These sort of styles have actually never appealed to me. But i realize its always good to change your styles, regardless of if its out your comfort zone. I think its different, gives a different vibe. I’m going to invest in this, i really enjoy learning how to be more fashionable.

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