I don’t know why?!

Viviane Freitas

  • 22
  • May
  • 2013

I don’t know why?!

  • 22
  • May
  • 2013

Hello everyone,

This week I was thinking about a better way to help you with your health.

After all, this is what I write about and I think our health, wellness and choices reflect so much in our lives, discipline, state of our Spirit. What each one of us are inside.

It is quite certain that each one of us have to do and decide our own path, no one can decide for us, each one of us have to make a choice.

Many time we know that we are not doing what is best for our health, but we have not seen the reality of it. Do you know why? Because we don’t stop to think and analyze the reason why we are not getting the results we want.

So, I want to teach you something simple. Perhaps you may even think that what I’m going to ask you to do is nonsense, but I assure you it is not! And if you’ve already done it, do it again. By doing this you will find some answers to your questions. I’ve done it and it has been very helpful for me!

Your task for this week is:

Every day you will write down in a notebook or on your computer, phone, etc. …

1. The time you wake up.
2. What you ate and drank and the time. I mean everything you put in your mouth.
3. Do not forget to write down if you drank water, coffee, had dessert, etc. Everything counts.
4. And lastly, how much time you spent in front of the TV or computer.

That’s it! These notes will be for you to evaluate yourself. You will see the reality of what you are eating. Eat as you normally do and look to see if you can find your mistakes and why you don’t see the result you truly want.

Some common errors are:

• Staying too long without eating.
• Do not have a fixed schedule to eat.
• You consume food mostly made up of refined carbohydrates.
• Do not eat fruit.
• Not drinking enough water.
• You drink soda instead of water.
• Eating alot of fried foods.
• Eating Fast foods frequently
• Do not have dinner

Friends, get ready. Permanent changes will be happening soon!

Leave us your comments on what topics interest you the most.

*The information provided is not directed for individual use and should not replace the any advise from nutritionists, psychologists and or health profession. Always consult your doctor about any matter relating to your health and treatments.

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