Assistants with bad breath…

Viviane Freitas

  • 23
  • May
  • 2013

Assistants with bad breath…

  • 23
  • May
  • 2013

Bad breath is not a disease but a symptom that something is wrong in your body.

It is important to determine the cause of this unpleasant odor so that it may be treated.

It may even require help from an expert.

Well, maybe you may ask yourself, what does this have to do with me?
Or say, I don’t have bad breath, thank God!

But that’s not the point on today’s subject.

It’s not about bad breath physically that we want to treat today, the one that hits our nose like a nauseating smell. But, yes, about the one that comes out and contaminates those who are near by.
The sneaky and deadly one!

In reality you can know what is inside yourself by your words and thoughts, and when these are smelly then they reveal a serious symptom, that your relationship with God is not right!

Let us reason together and analyze:

– If you are an assistant who constantly wants to talk about others, talks bad about other assistants, takes gossip back and forth or likes to listen to gossip.
– Whenever your attention is called you always answer back by justifying yourself!
That indicates that the “rotten smell” is coming from within you.

A person that has bad breath can resolve that with a mint and it will no longer affect those around her, or by visiting a specialist.
However the spiritual bad breath can’t be resolve with a mint or a by visiting a specialist!
The treatment for this requires intensive care and the intervention of the real Specialist in that area: God!

It is important for it to be clear that this treatment can only be effective when the “patient” puts 100% effort.
Only when the “patient” smells her own bad breath and the evil that it causes in the lives of others, will she urgently look for treatment.

Assistants, pay close attention to the smell that comes out of your mouth. It is a sign of how your life with God is!

Have you been able to detect what kind of smell you have let out?

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  1. At first I thought it was about our conduct and hygiene as we are the temple of the Holy Spirit therefore we need to fully take care of ourselves, however you mentioned that your not talking about the physical bad breath it’s the spiritual, that comes out of our mouth. This includes gossip, lies, negative comments (even about myself) etc. And the only way to deal with this issue is to tackle it with the strength of the Spirit of God, this shows the importance of having Him close, as He will be willing to show us what to change if only we too are sincere.

    Thanks again

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  2. Thank you, especially females.

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