I didn’t know this!

Viviane Freitas

  • 21
  • May
  • 2013

I didn’t know this!

  • 21
  • May
  • 2013

…Last week we talked a little about the different body types. Today we’ll see what suits each body type and what to avoid.

Friends, there are no excuses to not feel good about your body. You must put in some work but it’s worth it.


1 – Oval or Round:
The ideal type of clothing includes soft fabrics as long as they don’t mark your body.
Choose pants without pleats that are high waist and straight cut. Try to have it cuffed at your instep, this will elongate your look.

– Anything that draws attention to your waist. Short blouse that show your belly, low waist pants and pleated pants or skirts.
– Any colored belts or anything similar over clothing.
– Turtlenecks, pants that are too tight like leggings, lycra, which make your legs look narrow and enhance your belly.
– Light colored clothing, clothing with glitter and horizontal stripes.
– Chokers or bulky necklaces.
– Bulky fabrics
– Putting your blouse inside your pants, pleats, ruffles and draping.
– Dresses with low cut.

2 – Rectangle:
    For this body type you need to create a waistline.
Use: Coats, jackets and blazers with that are fitted at the waist, belts that create a waistline. Also pants without pleats, go for straight leg, or boot cut.
   Draw attention to your neckline, drawing attention away from your waist. Use and abuse the use of earrings and necklaces, but not low cut blouses. Opt for flared skirts that are so beautiful.

– Shirts and Blazers with a square cut and wide.
– Anything that has a high collar, because this will cover your neck and will make your silhouette look even heavier.
– Straight cut dresses and tapered tight skirts.

3 – Hourglass:
 This is the most desired body type, but it also deserves our attention! Always accenting your waistline: Dresses with a trapezoid shape, since they are loose fitting around your waist and hips therefore giving them more volume. Use blouses that have sleeves that are short and tight.
Be careful with: Turtlenecks if you have a large bust they will make you appear overweight, and blazers or shirts with very broad shoulders that will end up making you look like you have an inverted triangle body type.
– Black clothes that are not fitted, which will make you look like you have a triangle body shape.

4-Inverted Triangle:
This is typical amongst most European women. In order to create a balance you must increase the volume of your hips and decrease the appearance of your shoulders and bust.
The upper body needs to be softened while the lower half should be increased. Therefore you can wear halter-type dresses, wrap tops, Tank tops, especially in dark colors. On the bottom choose straight skirts, pleated or round.

Use pants with pleats that will create volume around your hips. Your jeans can be one size bigger and use a belt to create volume around your hips.
– Skinny pants that don’t have any volume or pleats.
– Skinny jeans. It is better to wear one size bigger than yours tightened with a belt, as it creates volume in the hip area.
– Shoulder pads.
– Blouses with bulky fabric and many details above the bust line, or horizontal lines;
– Tight and tapered skirts and dresses.
– Tops that are off the shoulder or strapless.

This body type is more common among Brazilian women: They have greater volume in the hips area. Therefore, your goal would be to decrease the appearance of the hip area.
The pieces indicated for this is: Tops with higher necklines to broaden the shoulders. Use dark colors on the bottom, not too tight.

Use the bateau neckline, because this elongates the shoulders. Shirts with sleeves and colorful prints are always welcome, and if they add volume, even better. For skirts and dresses choose flared cut.

– Pleated Pants or skirts with a low waist increase the hips as well, Capri pants, which makes you look shorter and therefore adding volume to you hips.
– Tight pants also accent the hip area making them look even larger.
– Cropped or stretch pants.
– Bubble skirts and pants which also increases the hip;
– Tops with Spaghetti straps.
– Anything that will draw attention to the hips like: Bags, embroidery, ruffles, etc.
– Belts that are too wide or too thin over the hips.
– A dark color top with a light color bottom.

Regardless if you are overweight or not you can dress well, accenting your best features.

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