How faith arises

Viviane Freitas

  • 28
  • Nov
  • 2014

How faith arises

  • 28
  • Nov
  • 2014

Hello to all the cybernauts. It is a pleasure to be here with all of you.
And today we are going to continue with what we talked about on Wednesday: “When does a man of God that makes a difference arise?”

We talked about King Ahab and the abominations that he committed before God. And today Elijah arises:

“And Elijah the Tishbite, of the inhabitants of Gilead, said to Ahab, As the Lord God of Israel lives, before whom I stand, there shall not be dew nor rain these years, except at my word.” (I Kings 17: 1)

How does a man of God, Elijah, appear to challenge the king of Israel, Ahab? We spoke about this king on Wednesday, who did everything that was abominable to God, irritating Him. And for someone to irritate God, it is because they surely know what is right.

Ahab was king of Israel, the “apple of (God’s) eye”, and the representative of the Church of Jesus. But this king wanted to do his idols-posts, worship Baal and do all that was horrible. Elijah came to challenge him and not because God sent him to do it! A Tishbite, someone supposedly “insignificant” rose to face the king. But there was faith in him, a belief, and a respect for God.

When the king, who should of had a dignified posture, acted abominably by embarrassing the God of Israel, Elijah took that affront personally!

Maybe you feel affronted, not because of the God you serve, but because of the problems which you live. It’s not because of the unjust things that you have done, but because of the problems you face in the family, in your financial life, etc. For you to be a steady man or woman of God, daring to face what has irritated God, which is everything that is unfair and dirty, you have to be just with Him. You have to be radical with error and sin.

If for example, you commit a sin or something that makes you be unfair to God, you have to be radical! You can observe Elijah’s words in the above verse: “As surely as the LORD lives, the God of Israel, before whom I stand, there will be neither dew nor rain these years, according to my word.”

He was before the face of God. And for us to be bold and confront hell, the devil, whatever “king”, we first have to oppose the injustice that we have been living. Than yes, we have the same force because first we did it to ourselves. What is our greatest enemy? Is it not our flesh, our will, our pride, etc.? If you are from God and want to do what is right, then when you speak and confront you will not go with insecurity, but with assurance! Do you remember this verse, which is also part of “Faith in Action”?
“Now faith is the assurance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.  For by it the elders obtained a good testimony.” (Hb.11: 1,2).

To reach the physical part, often there is not much effort, but to achieve something internal and what affronts you, your God, you have to give a good testimony, as was the case of Elijah. And I admire Elijah’s faith, because God works in partnership with us. If you and I do not put ourselves in our place, to be radical against sin, we will not confront anything that has been against God in our lives. But if we are radical with our own selves, there is audacity to defy the devil, hell … whatever! This is where the live faith arises, the sacrificial faith. To confront, you have to sacrifice. And why do you sacrifice? Because there is a faith inside you and no one can steal it, not even circumstances or anything!

There are difficult situations that aim to make you weak, but they are momentary, it is to make you take your “weapons” and rights, and with your belief you “come out swinging”!

It is with this faith that I am in this campaign.

A big hug to you and until Monday.

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