Health: I’m tired of my situation!

Viviane Freitas

  • 3
  • Jul
  • 2013

Health : I’m tired of my situation!

  • 3
  • Jul
  • 2013

When and how do we take actions that change our lives once and for all?

Bringing the same Spirit that we are living in these last days to our health. Let us think together…

There is something that makes a person change the course of his or her life forever, something personal, inside each one of us.
When you reach a certain stage in your life you will be able to receive a radical and complete change in in any area: health, family, financial or spiritual.

Do you know what this something is?

But first, do you identify yourself with any of these situations?

• Do you start something and never finish it – How many times have started something and stopped halfway?
• Are you always looking for the easy way out – diet pills and “crazy” diets, which never give you permanent results. Even though many know it to be foolish they still choose to take this path.
• Do you want to change for others – husband, children, colleagues, etc.
• Are you waiting for someone to do it with you – You depend on someone else to start something, because you don’t have any self- motivation.
• Do you want to prove yourself to others – you decided to do something because you want to prove that you can to others.

There is no use trying to change for others, wanting to prove or rely on others to achieve your goals. Change begins first in us and for us!

Transformation happens when a person…

Can’t take it anymore! Is fed up! Tired of the results in her life! This horrible situation makes the person look for a way out, a solution, and a change. It is impossible for that person to live in the same situation. When a person reaches this stage in his or her life, then they won’t measure sacrifices to make it happen.

Taking this to our health, for example, if you are obese, over or under weight, living a sedentary life, and not taking care of your body and well-being, etc.

If you’re still ok in living this way, then don’t complain because this has been your choice.

But if you can’t take this situation anymore, then, act now! Do something about it go and provoke this change. Be wise, do not try to do everything yourself. There are cases where a professional can be of big help.

Sacrifice is the only option for a real change.

Take care of yourself.

*The information provided is not directed for individual use and should not replace the any advise from nutritionists, psychologists and or health profession. Always consult your doctor about any matter relating to your health and treatments.

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  1. Yes, It’s true. I can’t depend on anybody to change or change for anybody. It’s a decision that has to be taken first within and then consequently your actions will testify to your decision.

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