Health: Being positive gives health

Bárbara Filipe

  • 15
  • Apr
  • 2015

Health : Being positive gives health

  • 15
  • Apr
  • 2015

How does positivism or pessimism influence our health? –By decreasing or increasing stress, anxiety, insomnia, nervousness, and many other effects that we will discuss today.

Let’s imagine that we plan to make a run of one hundred meters, but we have two options: one with barriers and another without barriers. These are also our options that we can see in our day to day, even with all its constraints and problems, we can look towards the goal which we predisposed—without barriers when we are positive, or with barriers when we are pessimistic!

But how does this influence in our health?
If we see many barriers, than right away we imagine a huge effort. We concern ourselves with the problems that we think will happen and we will begin to “suffer in anticipation” and the result is anxiety, nervousness, insomnia, irritability, stress and in many cases depression.
In turn, the fact that we sleep badly, we are always anxious or distressed and we live in fear of what might happen. It begins to affect the normal functioning of our body that can trigger stomach ulcers, changes in the functioning of the intestines, heart problems and the list goes on.

To all of this we can also add that we can become anti-social when we are negative people, because who can live with someone who sees obstacles in everything and everything is complicated?

Contrary to this scenario, the positive person is balanced and can manage in a better way the impact that daily problems try to do to her wellbeing. This capability prevents many neurological and gastrointestinal conditions.

It is obvious that positive people also face obstacles and in some cases, more than negative people, because they launch themselves- they produce, idealize, and are always active, they have a more occupied life, therefore the situations to overcome also multiply. However, positivism, good sense, tranquility and the balance that they have, allows them to face each challenge as an opportunity and not as an insurmountable barrier. Even when faced with a health problem caused by genetic predisposition or by an unexpected reaction of their body, they confront it positively and this is revealed in most cases decisive in the treatment.

“But how do I do that?” – you may ask.

There are people who will say, but I’ve always been like that, so pessimistic…
If so, think, what benefits has this pessimism brought to your health?
I believe the answer is, none…

So give it a try!
Start believing in yourself…
Change the way you see life, eliminate the obstacles created by your mind and look towards the goal—I’m sure that you can reach it.

Wake up with disposition; schedule your day, face the situations that you have been afraid of.
Your health will thank you a lot!

Until next week, and be POSITIVE!

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