Youth: “Happily ever after…” Really?

Silvia Alvarenga

  • 14
  • Apr
  • 2015

Youth : “Happily ever after…” Really?

  • 14
  • Apr
  • 2015

One of the greatest difficulties that I see in some young people in giving themselves totally to God is the myth of “happily ever after”.

Since childhood, we heard stories that begin with “Once upon a time…” then comes the problems, misunderstandings, injustices, fights, suspense, emotion, romance … and it always ends with a “happily ever after…” nothing else is known, the episode ends with an extreme and constant happiness.

Particularly, I believe that these stories have influenced us more than we realize. When we make the decision to give our lives to God, we automatically assume that “Once upon a time…. a child / young person who always suffered a lot, went through many difficulties in life but there was a day when they learnt the truth through the Word of God … and lived happily ever after … ”

But that does not really exist!

And it is very important that you understand! When we decide to assume our faith, we will go through difficulties, persecutions, and problems… and after we overcome all this, we will go through other difficult situations.
And even when a person receives the Holy Spirit, she still has not yet reached the “happily ever after…” 🙂
Temptations, more difficulties, inner conflicts will come (see the example of Jesus’ temptation…).

How many young people get lost because they thought they were well, they were liberated, were baptized in the waters, etc., and now can rest! It seems that the devil and his demons no longer exist, it seems that there is no longer temptation and sin. It is a reckless, foolish and often fatal thought.

Then the question comes: “When will I be able to rest, “let my guard down,” ease up a little?”
Not in this lifetime!

The fact that I feel good does not mean that I’m really saved, we must always evaluate.

We cannot shape our lives as if we are following a child’s story; we need to be Women of God, Women Warriors!

God is called the “Lord of the armies”…I wonder why?

I take this opportunity to invite all the girls and women to become or improve themselves to be Women Warriors this Saturday at 16:00 hours, in Lisbon in the Main Temple (Rua Dr. José Espirito Santo, 36).

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  1. I must say this is true, with each achievement there is more to do and making sure to maintain, as well in each desert we still through it have to Give in to God to guide us, there will always be more to do , work hard. There is no rest!
    Thank you!!!

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  2. Thank you for sharing, this really made me think a lot and be more vigilant of myself.

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