Goals and ambition

Viviane Freitas

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  • Apr
  • 2014

Goals and ambition

  • 4
  • Apr
  • 2014

In order to understand what is a holy ambition, I’ll talk a bit about me:

In 2012, I focused a lot on reading and writing. I used to write a lot and it was very good. However, in 2013 I didn’t write as much as I did the year before because I wanted to reach everything I had read in the Bible.

Sometimes, my “hunting” lasted a month in just one single verse because I wanted to see the fulfillment of what it was written in the Word of God in my life. There was an ambition for an answer and results.

I wasn’t only “delighted” with everything that God spoke to me. No! I wanted to see things happening. So, the year 2013 started in that way. I went into action looking for concrete answers.

There was a purpose within me, a goal. I didn’t need anyone to tell me anything because my ambition to see the goal become true, gave me the strengh to make innovations that revolutionized not only myself but also people who surrounded me.

But, you have to understand the following: What happened to me that made this renewal was my ambition.

Maybe, you think that everything I do, it is because I’m a Bishop’s wife or because I have a blog. And, you look at yourself and see that you don’t have anything of it, so you start comparing yourself with other people. You think you’ll never revolutionize your own life. However, when there is ambition inside of you, action is seen. It is something natural. Your experiences with God aren’t only words, they are results, facts. They are real.

When you have ambition, you take action.

What I see is that women are much more conformist than men. But, when there is ambition, a woman goes to the end. She “hunts”. She doesn’t wait for anyone.

Do you remember the ambition that Moses have? He risked his own life when he killed the egyptian.

Why had God not chosen one of the sons of Israel who were crying out?

Because it’s not only to talk with God. We have to take action. To be honest, the difference between Moses and the sons of Israel was his ambition.

The one who will make you a leader isn’t God, people or even the prayers. It’s your ambition that will make you a leader.

People who have ambition aren’t blocked. On the contrary, they take action against the situation. Although the person get as response a “no”, he or she don’t give up because his or her ambition burn inside of his/her chest.

Have you understood?

In the following post, I’ll talk about the qualities of whom has a holy ambition.

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2 comentários

  1. I have spiritual goals. And now I know what is needed:
    A holy ambition, which pushes us to hunt our goals, no matter what.

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  2. Thank you Mrs Viv for this powerful and inspirational message, my ambition is the one thing that will change my life forever, therefore I will take a stand and act against my situation. I also want to be different and make a difference but I know that, no one will do that for me, I will have to do it myself.

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