Sedentary assistant

Viviane Freitas

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  • Apr
  • 2014

Sedentary assistant

  • 3
  • Apr
  • 2014

In today’s article, I am talking about an issue that “talked” a lot with me. My husband has written a paper about sedentary business, which is something that also happens in people’s spiritual life. As you know, every time I take knowledge about something important, I remember all the assistants that read Viviane Freitas’ blog and are faithful to read all the posts I write on Thursdays.

Therefore, I will talk about the sedentary assistant. Who is she? Although an assistant should pay special attention to her appearance and exercise for her physical and mental health, the sedentary assistant is not the one who does not do exercise.

As you know, physical sedentary has a dramatic impact on health and the same happens in the spiritual life. Being sedentary can trap your life and make you be blind to the point of not seeing how you are.

It is important to wonder if:
– In the spiritual aspect, What kind of assistant have you been? An active or sedentary one?

But, what does it really mean to be a sedentary assistant?

She is the one who does not put into practice her intelligent faith.
She is the one who does not have flexibility to learn new things.
She is the one who does not spend her energy in the Work of God.
She is the one who is not available to counsel people who is in agony.
She is the one who does not offer her life as a living sacrifice on the Altar.

Being a sedentary assistant means to be an inefficient person in the responsibilities in the Work of God, it is to be inactive before the challenges that appear all the time.

Sedentary assistant’s mind – Which are her thoughts?

I do not need to go further.
I do not need to do something different.
I will not risk myself.
I do not have to do something new. People have been for a long time in the church. To learn, what for? I have always learned that things need to be done in a basic way, and those who want it, get it. But for those who do not want it, be patient. And, among other narrow-minded and backward thoughts, which show that your mind is sedentary.

BE CAREFUL, because the devil can see that and he does not waste his time…Moreover, you can say a lot of things about him but not that he is sedentary. He does not feel asleep and does everything he can to fill his kingdom.

Remember: Comfort is the main enemy of a sedentary assistant.

I can honestly say that being sedentary is to withdraw from the right path in a short period of time.
I would like to know your opinion about this issue. Have you ever seen yourself as a sedentary assistant?

A big hug!

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  1. Well I’m not an assistant yet but I learnt recently in the disciples meeting to cease opportunities and that if I want to be an assistant, it is not only for the title and so I need to be the assistant I want to be before even receiving the title. So I decided I would start reading these posts and putting what I learn into practice… From what I gather from this post, the one who is sedentary is the one who becomes selfish, who is proud and stuck in their ways, they’ve become afraid of making mistakes and have forgotten what it is to serve, to put themselves on the line. And so this is why posts like this even are helpful because it makes us notice where we are going wrong so we know how so change and become better, more active and therefore productive in our service to God.

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  2. I noticed that its important to always examine myself. So what do I do if I saw that I am a sedentary assistant?

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