Get inspired with Black & White

Carina Bravo

  • 27
  • Jun
  • 2015

Get inspired with Black & White

  • 27
  • Jun
  • 2015

Hello everyone this week we will learn how to combine two colors that are well known and very present in our wardrobe.

Black and white is a perfect combination of colors that reflect a lot of character and elegance.

When you use black and white it’s important to invest in different fabrics and textures so your look is not too dull.
You can also go for an all white look or an all black look and add a touch of color with the accessories like bags, shoes, and necklaces.

Also depending on the country you live in, for example here in Europe it’s summer, so the best option would be all white, if it were winter then it would be best all black.


You don’t have to stick to using only solid black and white pieces; you can experiment with different prints too. A good tip is to use prints or other icons, because they are super modern and can be used with skirts or black pants.

In this case we must use creativity and have good taste giving or outfits our own personal touch.

If you plan to use stripes, be very careful because if use them the wrong way you can make your body appear different then it actually is. For this reason, it’s best to find out what types of stripes are best for your body type.

Looks Preto e Branco

The combination of these two colors can be adapted to suit any occasion, both at a party, or a super stylish event. If you want to go to a very elegant event you can go for a combination of a skirt and blouse or a long dress.


If you choose to wear B & W at work, go for a black blazer, a white blouse or white sleeveless blouse without prints. You will also look beautiful with a pair of pants and white blazer and black blouse along with modern accessories and comfortable stylish shoes.


Kisses and until next time

In faith!

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